2018 Weight Loss Rules to Follow for a Healthier You

2018 weight loss rules to followThe start of a new year can be a great time to take a breath and shake off all the unhealthy habits you’ve allowed yourself to develop throughout the holiday season. Cookies for breakfast may have been a lot of fun for a while, but that practice is best left for next holiday season. Throughout the rest of the year you can focus on eating more healthfully and losing the extra weight you’ve put on over the last while.

It’s true that this can be a challenge, and a lot of it might not be a lot of fun. However, it also doesn’t have to be awful. This is especially true when you’re following the right rules. What are those rules? Here are a few to help you to get started in a positive direction for 2018.

Create a lifestyle – The word “diet” is tossed around a lot and while it may feel like that at first while you’re making changes to the way you live your life, the goal is to think long-term, not just to reach your weight goal. Sure, your weight loss is a part of your goal, but keeping the weight from coming back should be considered to be just as important. Instead of sticking to a rigid plan, incorporate healthy habits into your life over time and keep working them in for the purpose of living your life in a healthy and weight friendly way.

Exercise regularly and well – Make your exercise something you enjoy. If you hate the gym, then don’t get a membership. You’ll only waste your money when you don’t go back on a regular basis. Instead, find activities you love and do them all when you feel like them. Try to do cardio around 4 times per week, strength training around twice and yoga/flexibility/meditation as often as you want. That said, the form of the activity is up to you. A brisk walk, zumba, kickboxing, spin class. Do what you enjoy and try new things so you can find new ones, too.

React to hunger appropriately – When you’re feeling a little bit hungry, eat a little something. When you’re very hungry, eat more. That said, pay attention to how hungry you actually are and give your brain time to sense what your stomach is really feeling. Otherwise, you could end up overeating on a regular basis as you respond to even the mildest amount of hunger.

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