5 summer exercises

Knowing the 5 best summer exercises can give you a fitness advantage this year.  They can help you to get in shape, stay fit, and even burn off excess fat you don’t want.  After all, all activities are not created equal.  Some are more effective than others at getting you results.  That said, regardless of your goal – fitness, weight loss, health, or all three – there are some options that are always beneficial.

Leaving the Winter Behind

After the long wait for winter to end, it always feels as though spring flies by without a blink.  Suddenly you’re looking for the 5 best summer exercises to get rid of the last of that cold weather weight that you’ve been hiding under bulky sweaters all these months. The right moves can bring you closer to your goals faster than you may think. The key is to keep them up.

It may be easier to get outdoors and move around in the warmer months. Therefore, you might not think that you need the 5 best summer exercises to truly make a difference. However, when you start to pay attention to the amount of extra ice cream that you’re eating and the number of hours that you actually spend lounging outdoors instead of working out, it won’t take long to come to recognize that a little help can go a long way.

What Are the 5 Best Summer Exercises?

The following are the 5 best summer exercises that you can use this year.  They can help to counteract the effects of the extra calories. At the same time, they’ll help you to get rid of the added layer you grew throughout the wintertime.

  1. Rollerblading – If you haven’t started to use this sport, yet, then now’s the time to start trying! It’s one of the best calorie burners out there. In fact, because of the full body workout and the added blood flow throughout every part of you, it is possible to burn up hundreds of calories in just an hour! Coordination, balance, and muscle strength (particularly in the legs and butt) can all benefit from rollerblading, which is at the very top of the 5 best summer exercises.
  2. Hiking – If you’d rather go at a slower pace and require less specialized equipment, then start going for hikes on a regular basis. This is a terrific workout for your cardiovascular system and can function to boost your metabolism very effectively. Make sure that you choose trails that are ideal for your fitness level in terms of length and difficulty. You one will challenge you, so that it won’t be too easy, but that will not push you too hard.
  3. Tennis – You’ll burn tons of calories with all of the running and racket swinging that you’ll do in this sport. Tennis is great for building both upper and lower body strength as well as coordination. You can play on your own against a wall, but if you play doubles or with a partner, then you’ll have even more fun and more motivation to get out and do it again the next time!
  4. Kayaking – If you live near the water, or if you’ll be spending some vacation time near water, then this could be a fun option. If you don’t want to purchase a kayak (spending the money and then having to store it) there are many companies that will rent them out, especially in areas that are well suited to kayaking. This is a great stress reduction exercise, as being on the water and paddling promotes relaxation. It also helps to burn calories in a low impact way and builds muscles while improving the health of the joints.
  5. Swimming – This is one of the 5 best summer exercises because it gives almost every muscle in the body a great workout but is very easy on the joints. If you swim for an hour, you can burn as many calories as someone who runs for six miles, but with a far lower risk of injury.
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