Ways to Enjoy Anniversary Day Dieting Without Overindulging

anniversary day dieting tips

Has it ever occurred to you that anniversary day dieting could actually be a lot of fun to do together? Sure, at first that sounds like a chore that would ruin your good time.  However, when you do it right, it can be a great way to have a healthy celebration that will include foods that are just as flavorful as the ones you’d usually enjoy.

Why Get Started with Dieting on Your Anniversary?

Anniversary day is a day for expressing your love to your partner. You will probably exchange gifts from your partner.  Common options are your favorite treats that may include chocolates and other sweet treats.

Beyond that, what anniversary is complete without a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant?  It’s practically a must!  If not, then you’ll likely have a fancy dinner at home that you prepare for each other.  This is traditionally a rich and sumptuous feast just for the two of you.

All the sweets and dinner can disrupt your dieting routine. You wouldn’t want to break your partner’s heart by refusing the dinner and treats. But at the same time, you can likely both benefit from some anniversary day dieting.  So how can you continue your regimen, even on your anniversary?

Anniversary Day Dieting

Let’s look at some ways you can enjoy anniversary day dieting together without having to sacrifice the opportunity for a special treat. You can still have the special foods you love, just do so strategically.  By starting now, you can either continue a healthy lifestyle you’ve already been keeping up, or you can begin it for the first time together.

Let Your Partner Know About Your Goal

The best option is to let your partner know that you are controlling your calorie intake. This way they won’t spend a hefty amount on buying chocolates or other sweet treats. Even if your partner does buy chocolates, he or she will have the opportunity to buy a limited quantity. Communicating your goal for anniversary day dieting gives your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend the chance to support you instead of inadvertently working against you.

Of course, eating some chocolates during an anniversary day dieting strategy is allowed. Just because you’re restricting calories or trying to eat healthier, it doesn’t mean that you can never have a treat again.  The key is to have only a bite or two at a time, instead of sitting down with a whole box.

Another advantage of making your partner aware of your diet plan is that you can let him or her know what treats you can have within the restraints of your weight management strategy. If your better half is bent on buying treats, they will buy the types they know you can enjoy!  Instead of a huge box of chocolates, for instance, they might opt for some strawberries dipped in a bit of dark chocolate.  It’s a small change that tastes amazing and that is a game-changer on a nutrition level.

Eat Limited Amounts of Candy

In the event the love of your life did buy chocolates or candies without knowing about your diet plan, you can still keep yourself on track. Of course, it’s your anniversary, but you don’t have to eat the entire box. Why not eat a couple of chocolates every day? This way you will be able to savor your partner’s loving gift over time instead of all at once, and you won’t exceed your daily calorie intake limits.

A Romantic Dinner Can be Healthy

This is one of the most daunting aspects of an anniversary day diet. Individuals who are dieting tend to think that it would be a sin to go out for dinner. However, it’s not if you watch what you’re eating. You don’t have to eat savory foods with high calorie content. Instead, you can go to a nice restaurant that serves healthy food but that focuses on making it delicious, too. This will help you stay on track with your anniversary day dieting plan. After all, the essence is to have a nice dinner with your partner.

Make Up for Anniversary Day Dieting Slips by Burning Off Excess Calories

Despite your best efforts, if you’re not able to keep your eating strategy on track, you don’t have to worry. One day of eating off track isn’t going to make much of a difference when you’re keeping on top of things on most other days.  If you know your anniversary is going to be a day of excess, just make sure you’re extra careful on the days before and after.  At the same time, keep up your fat burning workouts, too.

That will give your body the best chance to burn off the excess calories you’ve eaten because on the days surrounding your anniversary, you will eat the right number of calories and will stay on top of your fitness strategy. If you do this, your weight management strategy will stay on track the whole time, regardless of what you eat during your celebrations.

If you are concerned about your Anniversary Day Dieting plan this year, be sure to follow the abovementioned tips.

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