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Summer months offer a wonderful bounty of fruits and veggies to enjoy both for their flavors and nutrients. That said, with so many different choices – even among what is locally grown – you may wonder which are the healthiest summertime produce options.

Obesity Stigma Hurts

The Obesity Stigma Can Be More Harmful Than the Weight Itself

The obesity stigma is known to be damaging to both those who suffer from this disease and the people who love them. That said, it’s still not treated in the same way as other chronic illnesses. This disease can contribute to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and a slew of other conditions. That said, the mental health impact of being labeled as “obese” is also harmful in a way that researchers are only now more closely examining.

Lose Weight for Health not Looks

Americans Lose Weight for Health WAY More Than Looks, says Mayo Clinic Study

The vast majority of Americans are trying to lose weight for health, not looks, despite what ads for products promising that “bikini body” might be targeting. A recent Mayo Clinic Diet survey called the “Diet Mindset Assessment” of more than 200,000 people in the United States revealed that people aren’t focusing on their appearance as their main reason for trying to lose excess body fat. Instead, by a long shot, people are trying to support their wellness.

How to prevent weight gain during perimenopause

How to Prevent Weight Gain During Perimenopause

Despite what you may have heard from justifiably frustrated women approaching menopause, it is possible to prevent weight gain during perimenopause.  Though most women do find that it’s easier for the pounds to climb on as they age, during this particular time, there are achievable steps that can be taken to stop this from happening to you. 

4 Whole Grains on a Low Carb Diet

Should You Still Eat Whole Grains on a Low Carb Diet?

Whole grains on a low carb diet are often seen as completely out of the question. After all, these are foods that are known primarily for their carbohydrate content when it comes to their nutrition. As a result, anyone trying to minimize that macronutrient in their diet will easily think that they will need to skip that category of food altogether. Not true! And here’s why it’s worth the effort to find out why.

Coffee Break Ruining Your Weight Loss

Is the Café Near Your Work Ruining Your Weight Loss?

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As a growing number of businesses and offices bring their employees back in after having worked remotely, you may find that you’re slipping into habits that are ruining your weight loss. Blaming inactivity now that you’re back at your desk in the office instead of doing laps between your home office and kid’s virtual classroom? It couldn’t be what you’re eating, right? You just stop off for coffee on your breaks and have a lunch at light speed.