Barre Moves You Can Do at Home

Barre Moves for homeIt may seem like a new trend, yet doing barre moves as part of an overall workout is nothing really new or trendy. In reality, this is all part of ballet and has been helping people to get fit for a number of years. If you look at a typical ballet workout or routine, it involves a lot of movements that can help one to get toned. You may not even be trying to get toned, but you will find that it happens seamlessly when you turn to this type of workout. Dancers demand a lot from their bodies and therefore get results—so it only makes sense that this has involved into a barre workout and that the trend is catching on. So if you want to get toned, shed fat, and enjoy some dramatic results, these are the type of movements that you want to get invested in.

You might think of barre moves as something very complex or involving crazy equipment. In fact, you don’t really need anything fancy to help you get fit or transform into that dancer body, but it does take some toning and strengthening. You want to start by performing something like a wall bridge. You need absolutely no equipment for this movement, just a wall to hold you up. You are going to perform a normal bridge, in which you lift your lower half of the body and hold, but you are going to put your feet up on a wall for greater resistance. This may sound simple, but try performing it for an extended period of time or doing it in reps—you will see just how much this asks of the body. This is only one movement, but a powerful one!

A Classic Workout That Gives You Great Results

You will also find that barre moves may ask you to perform classic movements in slightly different ways. Take a plie squat for example, which is very similar to a classic squat but asks you to turn the toes out. This helps to work the inner thighs in a profound way and ensures that you get toned in a common problem area. Even a side plank, which is holding a plank but while you are supporting yourself on the side of your body, takes real power. It’s a slightly different angle but really forces the body to react and, therefore, get toned.

The best barre moves may seem simplistic or basic enough, yet they force you to try new things or different angles. A simple leg lift is a classic, but it’s part of a good barre routine. You may try a bridge but on an exercise ball, from which you get a deeper burn out of the movement. You will notice that your body reacts because you are forcing it to do so, and you will be doing strength movements and cardio exercises in one powerful workout. This newer workout based upon classic movements is what you need to get fit, and it will get you the results you’ve always wanted.

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