Best Dieting Forums for Weight Loss Support

Best Dieting Forums for weight lossLike a good workout buddy that can help you stick to an exercise routine, a good diet buddy can help you stick to eating right so you can lose weight. Having a support system can be an invaluable resource, but where can you find people who will give you the help and motivation that you need, especially when you are struggling to lose weight and get in shape? Well, there are a host of dieting forums for weight loss right on the internet, and some of the best are listed below, so consider joining them to connect with like-minded people who are on a similar path.


The Weight Loss Center forum offers a variety of discussion threads that will help you find the answers that you need to your most pressing questions. You can learn about everything from the top diet pills, to the latest news in weight loss. Plus, you can access weight loss tips, motivation, and much more. This one site really has all of your bases covered.

3 Fat Chicks on a Diet

3 Fat Chicks offers a fantastic and fun forum for those who need dieting support. And the forum prides itself on welcoming everyone, whether you are following the South Beach Diet, you have signed up with a program like Weight Watchers, or you are following a low carb or low fat diet. It really does not matter where your weight loss journey started, as you will be able to find people who can help you succeed. You can also use the site and forum to access recipes and menu plans that can make your weight loss process even easier and tastier.

Social Slimmers

Social Slimmers is yet another great dieting forum for weight loss. It is a community of helpful people who are dedicated to creating a friendly and welcoming environment for all. You can ask whatever questions you have about dieting, weight loss, eating right, and exercise, and you can get valuable support regarding all of these topics and more. And when you are struggling to feel motivated, discussing your feelings and reading posts from those who have felt the same way can be extremely beneficial and help get you moving.

A dieting forum for weight loss can help you find and connect with people who understand where you’re coming from when you’re feeling unmotivated to eat right and exercise. They also understand what your struggles are, and how you can improve your efforts to slim down. This is especially helpful if your family and friends are not dieting and are, therefore, unable to provide the right level of support.

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