5 of the Best Hip Exercises for Women

Best Hip Exercises for WomenFinding the best hip exercises for women can seem like it should be something obvious and straightforward…but it’s not.  At least, not always. For one thing, there are tons of different ways to move the body. For another, there are a lot of ways that the body shouldn’t be moved.  Lots of people claim to be experts and want to stand out by making promises of fat burning and miraculous results with various types of movements.  The key isn’t to look for a single move that will do everything for you. Instead, it’s to find the right options and be consistent about using them!

How to Spot the Best Hip Exercises

The best hip exercises are ones that you’ll do on a regular basis, that you’ll do properly and that don’t force the body into directions it wasn’t meant to move, particularly not repeatedly. The last thing you want to do is cause yourself the pain and setback of an injury.  Instead, use great moves that are appropriate for your body. Do them consistently but don’t forget that there’s as much to say about great rest and recovery time between workouts as there is about being active.

Use These Best Hip Exercises for Women

There are a few exercises that can help you tone the muscles around this area effectively. Let’s look at five of the best hip exercises for women:

Squats with Dumbbells

One of the best exercises for the hips is squats. A great idea is to add dumbbells to the equation for extra resistance. Simply hold the dumbbells in your hands and place them along your thighs. Go down into the squat position and then back up. Make sure that you perform a deep squat and keep your knees and toes aligned when going down. This will put maximum stress on your hips and hamstrings. Undoubtedly, the squat is the one of the best hip exercises.

Lunges with Dumbbells

If you want to isolate your hips and hamstrings, a great exercise for that would be lunges. To provide resistance, you can use dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells as you would when doing squats and work on each leg. You can complete a set for one leg and then move onto the next, or you can work each leg in an alternating manner. A great way to get more resistance is to do the walking lunge, but you will need a bigger space for that.

Towel Single-Leg Squats

One of the best hip exercises is towel single-leg squats. It combines the movements of the squat, lunge, and a couple of other exercises. Place a towel under one leg. Make sure the towel is rolled up neatly and the floor is not slippery. Extend the leg that is on the towel to the side and go down in the squat position with the other leg. Bring the towel leg back and stand up straight with the other leg. This exercise places strain on the hamstrings and hips as well as the inner thighs. The abdominal muscles are also trained.

Wide Stance Squats

The wide stance squat is particularly used by power lifters to lift heavier weights. But if used in a different manner, it is one of the best hip exercises. Simply extend your legs as wide as possible, yet still in a way that you are able to go down into the squat position. Point your toes outward or into the natural knee-bending position. Go down as far as possible in the squat position and then get back up. This will tone your inner thighs, hips, and hamstrings as well as your groin muscles.

Hip Raises

This is a simple yet effective exercise. You simply have to lie down on the floor or a mat. Keep your hands at your sides, against your thighs. Raise your hips as high as possible, as if you were doing a forward pelvic thrust. Hold for a couple of seconds and lie down again. Repeat for as many repetitions as possible.

These are some of the best exercises that women can perform to tone their hips.

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