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Where to Get Exercise Motivation When You're Feeling Depressed

Where to Find Exercise Motivation When You’re Feeling Depressed

Trying to find exercise motivation when you’re feeling depressed can be like trying to find the drive to volunteer for dental surgery you don’t need. That said, there is an important difference between those two situations. The first is great for your health – including your mental health and mood – and the other is completely unnecessary. Still, telling yourself that when you’re in the situation doesn’t tend to help much.

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3 Reasons Your Diet Isn't Working

Top 3 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working

Discovering the reasons your diet isn’t working can feel like you’re trying to unravel a complex mystery. After all, when you’ve been working very hard and consistently sticking to the steps you’d promised to take, but the pounds just aren’t coming off, what could be the problem? Your first inclination might be to think that it’s just impossible to get to where you want to be.

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How to be Healthy in the Future

What You Should Do Now to Be Healthy in the Future

It’s all and good to feel well today, but it’s also important to know that we will be healthy in the future. There is, after all, something to be said about living in the moment, but there’s also something to be said about planning for tomorrow. A careful balance can be found between them to ensure that mindfulness is possible, but so is preparation for what is to come and what we’d like to enjoy when it arrives.

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Signs You're Not Eating Enough

Are You Not Eating Enough? Recognize the 8 Signs

With such a huge focus on weight control and overeating, many of us don’t realize that it is possible to be not eating enough. Fad diets, the popularity of fasting, and efforts to try to lose as many pounds as possible as quickly as possible has made it seem as though the less we eat, the better. However, this is not the case. We each have our own minimum calorie requirement for every day. Not reaching that level is typically not healthy and can lead to surprising side effects.

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Use Laughter to Lose Excess Weight

How Laughter Works to Help You Lose Excess Weight

Laughter is a sign of happiness and a healthy heart. When you are happy, you are more inclined to do the things that will make you feel and look better. This includes losing excess weight. It is because of this that laughter therapy is being developed as a way to help people lose extra pounds. This may seem too good to be true, but this method has proven successful, as most people are not able to lose excess weight that they put on due to depression and stress. Check out the difference laughing on a regular basis can make to your wellness and bodyweight control.

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How to prevent weight gain during perimenopause

How to Prevent Weight Gain During Perimenopause

Despite what you may have heard from justifiably frustrated women approaching menopause, it is possible to prevent weight gain during perimenopause.  Though most women do find that it’s easier for the pounds to climb on as they age, during this particular time, there are achievable steps that can be taken to stop this from happening to you. 

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