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Shorter Exercise Sessions

How Multiple, Shorter Exercise Sessions Are Better Than One Long Session

We are so often conditioned to believe that we need to hit the gym hard and for a long time, but shorter exercise sessions may be preferable. This is counterintuitive for many people as they assume that to get fit and change their bodies, they need to work out for hours at a time. This simply isn’t true! It’s about what you are doing for your exercise and how you are working the body.

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Benefits of Adopting a Healthy Diet

Adopting a Healthy Diet Can Help You Live Another Decade

Adopting a healthy diet is something we all know will benefit our overall wellness.  We’re told to eat our veggies from an early age.  It’s no mystery that nutrients will help our bodies to function better.  That said, according to the results of recent research, even a few changes to your diet can help to add full years to your diet.  The sooner you begin, the bigger the impact it will have on your longevity.

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Popular weight gain Prescriptions

Popular Prescriptions That Can Cause Weight Gain

In the U.S., about 70 percent of people are in the overweight category. The ironic part is that the drugs that are prescribed to treat these obesity-linked conditions can themselves be the cause of weight gain. Doctors prescribe different medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression, resulting in the metabolism getting weaker. These conditions also have an emotional impact on a person and sometimes result in the person developing an eating disorder.

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Walking as Exercise Workout

Walking as Exercise Can Help Anxiety and Boost Your Mood

Walking as exercise can be a great way to combat anxiety symptoms and boost your mood at the same time that you get physical fitness benefits. This makes this straightforward, no-equipment workout one of the best choices you can make for yourself on a daily – or nearly daily – basis. Whether you’re combatting winter blues, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), something more chronic, or just want to feel better, it’s time to head out and get moving.

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Plant-Based Diet Tips

A Plant-Based Diet Isn’t Automatically Healthy: Get Yours Right With These Tips

This year, starting a plant-based diet has become one of the hottest New Year’s resolutions.  After all, tons of studies are now starting to suggest that skipping animal-based products is a great way to boost nutrition, to prevent certain diseases and even to enjoy greater longevity. That said, just because you’re not eating something that came from an animal, it doesn’t mean that the food you’ve chosen is automatically healthy.  There are certain other considerations to take into account before you assume you’ve made all the most nutritious choices.

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4 Whole Grains on a Low Carb Diet

Should You Still Eat Whole Grains on a Low Carb Diet?

Whole grains on a low carb diet are often seen as completely out of the question. After all, these are foods that are known primarily for their carbohydrate content when it comes to their nutrition. As a result, anyone trying to minimize that macronutrient in their diet will easily think that they will need to skip that category of food altogether. Not true! And here’s why it’s worth the effort to find out why.

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