Lunge- and Squat-Free Awesome Butt Workouts

No Squat Butt Workouts Looking for great butt workouts but have bad knees? Need to tone that backside but feel like you’ve already hit your lifetime quota of lunges and squats? No problem!

Lunges and squats are a great way to work your glutes and legs, but they’re not the only way to get great butt workouts. There are lots of different kinds of fantastic lower body exercise. If you don’t want to do some of them, you do have alternatives. This is good news if you simply don’t like lunges and squats. If you have knee pain, this is miraculous news. Check out these fantastic options for your next sweat session.

Butt Workouts Exercise 1

Begin with a toe tap. The idea is to stand up with your feet together, then bend your knees to a quarter-squat level. Shift your weight to your right foot, tapping the left one behind you. Bring your foot back to the starting point again. Tap your toe to the side, then bring it home again. Do this 16 to 20 times per side. To give this move a bigger boost, pump your arms as though you were running with each toe tap.

Butt Workouts Exercise 2

Your second move is a single leg dead-lift. To do this, begin with your feet together and dumbbells in your hands, which start off at your sides. Keep your core engaged the entire time. Shift your weight to your right foot, using your left toe for balance. Bend forward at the hip while raising your left leg behind you. At the same time, reach your dumbbells toward your right foot. Engage your right glute muscle to raise your torso back to your starting position once more. Do this 16 times per side.

Butt Workouts Exercise 3

This move is a kneeling back kick. Begin on all fours in a tabletop position. Place your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your knees, keeping your core engaged the whole time. Raise your knee off the floor, kicking your leg diagonally behind you and upward. To make sure you’ve found the right angle, press your heel toward the upper back corner of the room. Bring your knee back to the starting position again, but don’t touch the floor. Repeat. Do 25 reps for each side.

With these butt workouts, you’ll use your muscles in an effective way, regardless of whether or not lunges and squats are a part of your exercises.

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