10 Foods to Always Buy Organic

10 Foods to Always Buy OrganicThere is no doubt that organic foods are healthier. They have a higher potency of the essential vitamins and minerals that are known to promote better health.

There are quite a few foods with which one can make do even if they are not organic. They have a lower potency of vitamins and nutrients, but in certain cases it does not make much of a difference. However, there are some foods that you have to buy organic at all costs. Getting these foods from alternative sources could lead to poor health. Let’s look at 10 foods to always buy organic:

1. Meat

Meat should be your top priority on the list of foods to always buy organic. This is because there are a number of diseases that can spread through beef. Generally, cattle are kept in cramped spaces and injected with large quantities of antibiotics that remain in the meat even after it is cooked.

2. Dairy

Dairy is eaten by people of all ages. Dairy foods are especially popular amongst kids. However, the antibiotics that contaminate beef are found in many dairy products as well.

3. Eggs

Non-organic eggs are obtained from chickens that are bred in small cages. They hardly have space to move around. Plus, as with most beef cattle and dairy cows, these chickens are given doses of antibiotics that make their way onto your plate.

4. Potatoes

Potatoes are grown in the ground and have a thin skin. This makes them quite vulnerable to pesticides, which are dangerous to your health. Potatoes absorb pesticides like a sponge and should be bought only if they are organic.

5. Peppers

Peppers, like potatoes and certain other vegetables, have a thin skin. The thin skin means that they are tend to absorb pesticides, which are extremely unhealthy for you to ingest.

6. Baby Food

On your list of foods to always buy organic, baby foods should be at the top. This is because baby food is made from fruits and veggies that are condensed. If the veggies and fruits are full of pesticides, your baby could ingest them as well.

7. Celery

Out of the many foods that are found to have pesticide residue, celery is near the top. This is why you should make an effort to buy organic celery only.

8. Grapes

Grapes that were tested had over 20 different pesticides in them, so be sure to buy organic when you buy grapes.

9. Blueberries

Blueberries, too, tend to contain pesticides—over 40 different pesticides in those tested. Always try to buy organic blueberries.

10. Lettuce

Lettuce frequently contains pesticide traces. You should buy organic celery to avoid consuming pesticides.

Keep these foods on your list of foods to always buy organic in order to stay healthy.

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