How Fast Can PHENBLUE and Calorie Cutting Cause Weight Loss?

cutting calories for weight lossOne of the most common questions dieters ask when they start taking PHENBLUE along with a healthy weight loss diet is how long it will take them to start losing. If you’re combining your healthy, calorie controlled eating and use of PHENBLUE with regular fitness appropriate exercise, then the odds are that you will actually start to lose weight on the very first day that you begin. However, the odds are that you’re not just wondering when the process will begin in your body but also when you will be able to see it on the bathroom scale and in the mirror.

That is a far more complex question. The reason is that there are dozens, if not hundreds of different variables to take into account. The rate at which you will experience actual measurable weight loss will depend on a huge number of different issues ranging from your gender to what you eat, and from the intensity of your exercises to your weight when you first got started with your diet.

Overall, your goal should be to lose between one and two pounds per week. While it is certainly possible to lose weight faster than that, most doctors will tell you to try not to max out the rate of your weight loss with PHENBLUE but to aim for the healthier rate of one to two pounds per week instead. The reason is that if you lose weight too quickly, you’ll place yourself at risk to gain it back again. When you lose weight at a slower and more steady rate, you will more likely have built the type of everyday lifestyle habits that you will keep up over the long term, effectively managing your weight at the same time.

To make sure that you’re keeping up that healthy rate of one to two pounds per week, there are some great steps you can take to get the very most out of the benefits of PHENBLUE.

  1. Cut calories properly
    While calorie restrictive diets normally instruct us to eat fewer calories each day, but it’s also important to know that you shouldn’t eat too few calories or you’ll risk slowing down your metabolism over the long term. That’s a situation to be avoided because it will mean that you will lose weight at first only to gain it back all the faster. If you don’t know how to decide what your calorie range should be, speak with your doctor.
  2. Exercise with both cardio and strength training
    In weight loss, cardio exercise gets all the glory because you burn the most calories with it during your workouts. However, strength training is equally important because it builds lean muscle, which helps you to improve your cardio workouts and to burn more calories during times when you’re not active at all.
  3. Sleep
    Getting enough rest is vital to losing weight more efficiently because it helps in controlling your appetite as well as keeping up your metabolism to burn fat at a faster rate.
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