Are Your Genes the Reason You Can’t Lose Weight?

Feel Like You Can’t Lose WeightFeel like you just can’t lose weight? Does it seem like you’re doing everything right but nothing is happening? Is it starting to feel as though you’re the only one not benefiting from a certain program or product? You may not be entirely wrong. Research is showing that genetics play an important role in weight loss success.

Does this mean that you can’t lose weight if you have the wrong genes? Of course not! But understanding the role your genetics can play in your weight management can go a long way toward improving your strategy and your success. It’s certainly worth a look. Read on to discover more about why your waistline and heredity are connected.

Do Your Genes Mean You Can’t Lose Weight?

Genetics, your environment, choices and lifestyle all play a role in whether you can or can’t lose weight easily. No single part of that puzzle provides the entire picture. Instead, you need to take them all into account as you design your lifestyle around your healthy weight management.

A failure to understand all these factors can help to explain why so many people feel they can’t lose weight. Despite their best efforts, many people are overweight or suffer from obesity. This doesn’t need to be the case. If you feel as though you’re doing everything right but aren’t getting the progress you expect, it’s worth your while to make an appointment to see your doctor.

Your doctor’s help can point you in a better direction. With your doctor’s assistance, you can find out where you are struggling the most and why you feel you can’t lose weight.

How to Turn Things Around

With your doctor’s help, you can overcome that feeling that you can’t lose weight. You’ll go over not only what you typically eat but also your fitness level and the physical activities you do in a normal day. Furthermore, you might also find that your doctor will talk to you about your mental health, sleep and other lifestyle factors.

This will help you to keep a number of additional parts of your life in mind. They may be affecting your results in ways you didn’t even realize. For example, many people discover that the reason they can’t lose weight is that they’re exhausted all the time. Inadequate sleep on a regular basis works in direct opposition to the weight loss efforts of many people. You might also find that you’re eating too many or too few calories for your body type. Certain slight adjustments may be all you need to get on track and reach your goals.

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