Best and Worst Cardio Equipment to Burn Fat Fast

Best and Worst Cardio Equipment to Burn FatThere are a lot of different kinds of cardio equipment to burn fat out there. However, just because they’re on the store shelves, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re any good. There are a lot of products out there that don’t work, don’t help or that could actually cause you harm.

At the same time, there are some extremely high quality forms of cardio equipment to burn fat that are worth every penny and every inch of space they take up in your home. If they’re at the gym, all the better because their price and storage is included in your membership.

By knowing the difference between the best and worst cardio equipment to burn fat, you can use your time wisely. After all, most cardio workouts are far from being fun. The more you can get out of every minute, the better. Any time you waste in this effort is time you’ll never get back.

Consider the following cardio machines and what they can – or can’t – do for you:

Best – Treadmill

Yes, there is a reason that this is a staple in pretty much every gym (even home gyms). The treadmill, particularly good quality versions that allow for incline changes, is effective, functional and available. It works with the body’s natural design and they’re generally very easy to use. People of pretty much every fitness level can use this machine, beginning at a slow pace with no incline and building up to a run up the side of a mountain.

Worst – Recumbent Bike

Despite its great reputation in terms of a way to get around without straining your joints, when you’re using the stationary version of this gym equipment, its effectiveness and functionality remain quite low. Consider the way the machine is designed – you’re resting your entire upper body and butt the whole time. The only major muscle groups in your body that you use with this machine are your legs. This drastically reduces fat and calorie burning and overall results.

Best – Stair Mill

Extremely effective and functional, as well as being broadly available in most gyms and gym equipment stores, the stair mill is a great way to exercise your legs, backside and even the lower part of your core. When used as a part of intervals, you’ll blast through body fat and calories.

Worst – Elliptical

Another machine with a great reputation but low results per minute is the elliptical. The reason is that the motions are unnatural and a resistance level lower than a 10 is only just slightly better than being completely sedentary in terms of fat burning. The low impact feature of this machine is truly exceptional, but if that’s your goal, you’d be better off using a standard stationary bike or going swimming

To accelerate your results, think about trying a workout supplement ahead of your exercise routine. They contain energy boosters to help you get the most out of every workout you complete.

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