Exposure to Cold Stimulates Fat-Burning Activity

How Cold Stimulates Fat-BurningWho would have thought that exposing your body to the cold could help you lose weight? However, research suggests this is actually the case. According to research, exposure to cold stimulates fat-burning activity since long-term exposure to cold favors growth of brown fat cells in the body. Similarly, long-term exposure to warm temperature reduces the growth of brown fat cells and thus slows down the weight loss process.

Since the brown fat cells burn white fat cells, they also play an important role in lowering blood sugar level and increasing insulin sensitivity in the body. If you are wondering how, this article will help you get an insight into how cold stimulates fat-burning activity.

Brown Fat Cells and Mammals

Brown fat cells, also known as BAT or brown adipose tissue, are found in mammals. Further, these brown fat cells are entrusted with the task of producing heat in the body by burning significant amounts of chemical energy. Owing to their heat-producing property, these brown fat cells keep newborn babies and small animals warm, particularly in the cold weather. Moreover, they also play a vital role in weight management, particularly when you overeat. Hence, it can help keep obesity and diabetes at bay.

Brown Fat Cells and Blood Sugar Level

Research shows that people who have more brown fat cells in their body have lower blood sugar levels and are also leaner. Moreover, it has also been discovered that the ordinary, white fat cells found in the body can change into brown fat cells. Tissues, when exposed to cold temperatures, were found to use glucose, which means an increase in the insulin sensitivity of the body cells. This suggests that people who have more brown fat in their body may need less insulin. Therefore, brown fat cells may also particularly benefit diabetics in terms of their need to regulate their blood sugar levels.

Brown Fat Cells and Obesity

Brown fat cells also help prevent obesity and diabetes as they readily burn glucose to produce energy and heat in the body. Moreover, long-term exposure to cold temperatures appears to be instrumental in the growth of these beneficial, brown fat cells in the body.

Brown Fat Cells and Cold Temperature

A recent study conducted to uncover the connection between brown fat cells in humans and exposure to cold showed interesting results. According to the findings of this study, brown fat cells in participants increased during the period that they were exposed to low temperatures.

Accordingly, the brown fat cells were noted to decrease during the time the participants were exposed to warm weather. Therefore, cold stimulates fat-burning activity in the body through these brown fat cells. Furthermore, this finding suggests that the number of brown cells can be manipulated in the human body by exposing it to warm and cold temperatures.

This study suggests that by influencing the presence and number of brown fat cells in the body, cold stimulates fat-burning activity. So if you want to lose weight, you may need to expose your body to the cold more!

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