How 15 Minutes Per Day is Combating Childhood Obesity

15 Minutes Fighting Childhood ObesityChildhood obesity is becoming an increasing problem around the world. Even in areas where this has not traditionally been an issue – such as the Mediterranean – it is appearing and growing. That said, many programs are starting to show that even 15 minutes per day can make a considerable difference to a child’s healthy weight.

One amazing example of this battle against childhood obesity occurred in Scotland six years go. An elementary teacher at a small school was astounded at the lack of fitness she saw in her class. To help overcome this issue, she took the students outside to run in the yard for fifteen minutes. The kids loved the experience so much, she agreed to let them do it every day for a month.

Spreading the Childhood Obesity Battle

Soon, the idea started spreading throughout the school and every teacher worked a 15-minute run into the daily program. Since that time, half of all Scottish elementary schools have started this quick and easy effort combatting childhood obesity. In fact, many schools in North America and Europe have also picked up the habit.

The idea is very easy. Whenever the teacher feels it’s a good time to get up and move around, the kids head outside and run for fifteen minutes. There’s no distance or speed goal. While some sprint around as fast as they can, others jog or even walk. Some mix things up and run for a while and walk the rest of the time. The idea is to keep moving.

The kids don’t need to change their clothing for this exercise. They wear what they have on in class, adding a coat if needed. Running occurs rain or shine.

The Daily Mile

As the 15-minute running concept took off, the childhood obesity busting program gained the name The Daily Mile. It was named after the approximate distance covered by kids who run the entire quarter of an hour.

The children participating in the program have no idea they’re actually fighting childhood obesity. All they need to know is that they get to get up and leave the classroom for a while, breathe some fresh air, and jog around the schoolyard. It’s fun, and a fantastic break from classroom learning.

Teachers, on the other hand, are appreciating benefits beyond battling childhood obesity, too. They have found that after running around for 15 minutes, students are more attentive. Moreover, there are behavioral improvements as well.

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