The Most Effective Core Building Exercises

Effective Core Building ExercisesWhy focus on effective core building exercises? When we think of working out, we tend to think of exercising certain parts of our body, of which we are the sum. We think about abs or arms or legs, and we focus on these parts to develop our training regimen. But we tend to leave out the most important part of the workout and the most important part of the body–and that’s the core. The core is the part that holds you in place when you are working out other parts of the body.

Core Building Exercises to Add to Your Workout

It is essential that you work the core as intensely as possible to keep the back and the abs strong. So, these are the best and most effective core building exercises:

Abdominal Hold

For the first of these effective core building exercises, sit on a high-backed chair with your hands holding onto the sides. Pull both knees straight up and to your chest. Hold this position for as long as you reasonably can, but no more than a minute max, and gently lower your feet to the floor. Just prior to touching your feet to the floor, jerk them back up again. Repeat as many sets as comfortable.

Side Crunches

Start on your knees and then get into a side-flank position. Bring your left leg up and stretch it out to the side, with your opposite arm as an anchor on the floor. Bring your knee to your chest in this position and then back out again. Switch positions after eight reps.

Pilates Hundred

Lie on your back and then, with legs and arms stiff by your side, raise your legs together about five inches off the floor. Raise your shoulders off the ground five inches as well, then bounce your arms, with palms down, in an up-and-down motion for 100 beats.


This is a common exercise, but it is one of the most effective core exercises. Get into pushup position and make sure your stomach is pulled in and your glutes are tight. Hold this for a minute, then release and repeat.

Thrust and Twist

Stand with feet shoulder-length apart. Bend your knees just enough for a high squat. Then twist your torso slowly–and we mean slowly–to the right and hold a few seconds; then switch. Do as many of these exercises as is comfortable.

The Ladder

Lay on your back and place a scarf, towel, or exercise band under your foot at the ball. Raise your leg with knee slightly bent. Pull your upper body up the scarf, hand over hand, then back down without ever really lying down all the way.

Ballet Twists

Sit upright on the floor with your feet and legs together tight. Put your arms up over your head as if you were a ballerina and lean back at a 45-degree angle. Then twist slowly at the torso to the left and place your right hand down to the ground. Hold the position, then switch for eight reps.

Add Core Building Exercises Gradually

Core building exercises can be a complete part of your weekly workout.  Your core is, as its name suggests, the center support for all the other muscles in your body. There are very few activities that you complete in your daily life, let alone your workouts, that don’t involve the muscles in your trunk.

As a result, a good core workout will support the exercises you do with every other part of your body. At the same time, you’ll also achieve better balance, posture and overall strength, and may find that you are less likely to experience back and shoulder pain as a result.

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