Recent Criticisms of Herbalife, the Weight Loss and Supplements Company

Recent Criticisms of HerbalifeIf you have heard any diet pill news, then more than likely you have heard the latest criticisms of Herbalife. This is a diet pill and a company that are well known, and there have been a huge number of problems associated with it. When you turn to diet pills, you want to know and believe that they will work well to support you. Though there are some great diet pills out there, Herbalife and all of the products associated with this company have garnered a great deal of criticism and had numerous problems arise. So this is where being an educated consumer can really take you a long way.

One of the most common criticisms of Herbalife is that it is a pyramid scheme. The problem with such a scheme is that it is based on a business model that many believe to be unethical. The more people whom you bring in, the better off it is for you, professionally speaking. So the belief is that the people who are behind this company and associated with the product sales really aren’t in it for the right reasons. Therefore, health and true weight-loss are not the number-one priority in the long run. This ties directly into the understanding that, as a company, so many of their products do not use the right ingredients. This ties into another major problem associated with this diet pill option!

One of the most notable criticisms of Herbalife is that, on the whole, they use less than stellar ingredients at the core of their products. This was shown to be true when they were found to be using ephedrine, which was then removed from the market. So this shed light on what they used in their product composition and really challenged so much of the way that this company did business. It was believed that they did not put the well-being of the customer first and that they were just in it to make money. A lot of people had adverse effects because of these ingredients, and therefore it just was not a good match in the long term at all.

The complications or criticisms of Herbalife don’t end there. You will find that people who have taken their products for a long time have developed significant health problems, including liver damage. So in the short term, people were suffering from adverse effects due to the product makeup. In the long term, if somebody were to continue taking these products, it would be an even worse prognosis. In light of all of these criticisms out there, it’s wise to do your research and to find what will truly work for you. Then make healthier choices that benefit you in the long run as that always comes first!

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