5 Benefits of a Daily Weigh-In

Daily Weigh-In benefitsYou hear so much conflicting information when it comes to weight loss, and it’s enough to make you go crazy. You may find that the weight loss journey is a frustrating one and then when you add in all of the misconceptions, you may feel like giving up. One area that has a lot of incorrect information around it is just how often you should weigh yourself. You may hear that keeping it to one day per week is the way to go, but there are definite and measurable benefits to the daily weigh-in. If you don’t believe this then you can see for yourself just why this can work so well for you in the long run.

If you’re trying to lose weight the scale may be your worst enemy, and herein lies a big part of the problem. You may find that you are almost afraid of those regular weigh-in times because you are fearful of what that scale may say. Having a negative relationship with the scale, with your weight, or even with your weight loss journey will actually work against you. It’s important to understand that your mindset and the relationship that you have with the scale and your journey is what will help you be successful.

If you still feel like the daily weigh-in isn’t for you, then understand the true benefits to it. You will be much more in tune with what you are doing to try to lose the weight, and you will also find that you know what is going on within your body at any given time. Use these to your advantage and try to remember that weighing yourself is a great way to see what’s working and what’s not.

You can keep in tune with normal fluctuations: You really want to get to know your body when you’re trying to lose weight. When you weigh in each and every day then you do just that, and you also help to keep in touch with the normal fluctuations that you experience. Eating salty foods, for example, may cause a slight spike in your weight, and you can account for that when you actually take the time to weigh yourself every day and preferably aim for the same time when you do.

You are motivated to always eat the right things: We all tend to get frustrated when trying to eat right and adapt to a healthy diet. When you weigh yourself as frequently as every day then you can see how this works for you. If you are eating right then this will pay off as proper nutrition is a really important part of weight loss. Use this as motivation to stay on track for you see when it’s working for you firsthand.

You see how regular workouts can actually benefit this process: The smarter you workout, the more that you will positively influence the number on the scale. By performing a daily weigh-in you can help to keep on track with workouts and see what’s working for you. It’s also a great way to switch things up if you need to or see when you’re hitting a plateau and therefore you need to kick it up a notch with your workouts.

You can understand how much even water weight can influence things: You may be somebody who gains a couple of pounds when it’s hot out, when you drink too much caffeine or alcohol, or who just naturally retains water when the salt content is too high in something. You can account for these fluctuations if you weigh yourself regularly and therefore you don’t have to get frustrated when you know what is going on at any point in time.

You can be proactive and set goals to offset what you put into this: You are in control of the journey and when you focus on a daily weigh-in you can see firsthand what’s working and what you may need to change up. You can proactively see when changes are needed, and you can set goals based upon all of this criteria. You no longer have to fear the scale, but rather stay in charge of helping the journey along and ultimately losing weight the right way.

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