Do You Believe These Detox Diet Myths?

Detox Diet Myths and factsDetox diets are really popular, and there are several different options available for those who want to detoxify their body and lose weight. But do you really need to follow these types of diets? Check out the detox diet myths below so you won’t fall for the hype anymore and so you can make the right choices for your health and your weight.

Myth #1: A Cleansing Diet Is Required for Detox
Many people claim that you need to go on a juice cleanse or a fast in order to allow your body to detoxify. They claim that these diets help you flush your system, remove toxins from throughout the body, speed your metabolism, and give your digestive tract a rest. But none of these claims have been scientifically proven. Instead, going on these cleansing diets will likely just make you feel hungry and moody.

All you really need for your body to do its job of detoxification is eat a healthy diet packed with nutritious foods. Avoid alcoholic beverages, get plenty of exercise, and get enough sleep too.

Myth #2: A Detox Diet Will Relieve Bloat
Another one of the common detox diet myths is the idea that you can combat bloat by fasting. But the truth is that toxins aren’t responsible for bloat. Instead, a diet that’s too high in sodium is to blame.

If you eat a lot of salty foods, such as olives, chips, and pickles, or if you’re using a lot of condiments, canned vegetables, and packaged foods to keep yourself satisfied, you’re likely bloated from all of the salt. Switch to foods that are low in sodium and high in fiber instead.

Myth #3: You Can Feel More Energized with a Detox Diet
Finally, so-called experts also claim that you’ll feel more energized when you go on a cleansing diet. But restricting your intake of healthy and naturally energizing foods will only make you feel even more tired.

For example, if you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, your body will get immune-boosting vitamin C, as well as energizing B vitamins, among other vital nutrients. This is in contrast to when you detox, when you’ll be restricting calories and nutrients, actually causing fatigue.

These detox diet myths are very misleading, but now that you know the facts, you can prevent yourself from falling victim to these unproven claims. To gain more energy, lose weight, and stay in shape more easily while curbing hunger, you can instead take a product like PhenBlue until you reach your fitness goals.

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