Should You Use a Detox Program to Shed Excess Pounds?

Should You Use a Detox Program to Shed Excess PoundsIf you believed everything you saw on social media or on many websites, you’d think that you should look to a detox program to shed excess pounds.  These strategies are widely used. Due to their use by influencers and celebrities, they’ve gained quite a reputation for themselves. However, as much as the way their described may seem to make sense, they may not be what you think they are.

Most Doctors Do Not Recommend a Detox Program to Shed Excess Pounds

Many people are shocked when they find that their doctors recommend against a detox program to shed excess pounds.  This can be confusing and may even play into a marketing campaign’s strategy of breaking away from conventional medicine.  How often have you seen a title saying: “your doctor doesn’t want you to know about…” or “big pharma doesn’t want you to discover this simple…”?  For many of us, we see titles like that on a daily basis.

When you’re debating between the advice you’re seeing from a site that stands to benefit from the sale of a product or service (either selling directly to you, or being paid through affiliate programs or paid endorsements) or the advice your doctor has given you, you really should give your physician the most attention.

Can Cleanses and Detoxes Be Good for You?

If you’re asking yourself whether there are any circumstances at all in which a detox program to shed excess pounds might be good for you, the answer is “yes”…however, it’s more complicated than that.  Typically, this is only the case if the actual reason behind the cleanse is for the specific treatment of another condition. The entire strategy must be recommended by your doctor.

A detox program to shed excess pounds and promising to clean out toxins built up in organs such as your liver and kidney are typically nonsense.  Any surgeon will tell you that when they must cut into those organs, there is no buildup of toxins within them. It’s simply not how those organs work.  In fact, cleanses are more likely to place strain on organs and systems than they are to be helpful.

If the program you’re considering is meant to clean out your intestines, the same can be done by simply drinking lots of water and consuming a high fiber diet on a regular basis.  If you are defecating regularly enough, then you are moving your waste and toxins through your body and there isn’t anything built up. It’s all pushed out as the waste continues to flow through.

What Else Should You Try?

Instead of a detox program to shed excess pounds, you might be a good candidate for alternatives to phentermine diet pills. These are specific diet pills formulated to help you build and maintain a healthier lifestyle when a prescription weight loss medication is not for you.

Talk to your doctor about the different types of eating and exercising strategy that are most likely to suit your goals. There isn’t one program perfect for everyone. If you can find the strategy that you’ll be able to keep up over the long term, that’s the right one for you. Avoid extremes but don’t hesitate to discuss with your doctor certain diet pills with clinically researched ingredients. They can support your healthy weight loss efforts and make them easier to keep up.

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