3 Diet Extremes You’re Doing Without Realizing It

Diet Extremes you're mistakenly followingEveryone knows that diet extremes aren’t good for us on the whole, but at the same time, they offer such promise of benefits that it makes us want to give in and follow them regardless.  In some ways, they can be quite subtle. It might look like the change is so tiny that it couldn’t possibly cause us any harm. On the other hand, we might find that we’re suddenly running out of time before a big event, and we feel desperate to try anything we can to get to our goal.

Diet Extremes Never Provide an Advantage

It’s so easy to believe claims made about diet extremes.  Some say that by eating a single ingredient for certain meals – or all meals – we’ll provide our bodies with some kind of reset that will boost the metabolism and somehow cause excess fat to magically melt away. Some have such unbelievably low calories that they indicate that we’ll lose a tremendous amount of weight in a tiny amount of time.

Unfortunately, not only are the majority of the claims untrue or only partially true, but when it comes to their long-term impact, the situation is far less appealing. Following those strategies can wreak havoc on our metabolic rates and can make the process of achieving our goals far more difficult in the long run.

Diet Extremes are Not as Obvious as You Think

Unfortunately, not all diet extremes are obvious.  In fact, some of them are so commonly referred to as being “healthy”, that you are likely doing at least a few of them without even realizing it.  There are some habits that are so regularly referred to as a great step toward weight loss that we’re prone to doing them without even thinking about them. We just assume that they will put us on the road to sustainable weight control.

Consider the following common diet extremes and which ones you should stop doing right away.

1 – Eating Too Few Calories

Yes, weight loss requires a calorie deficit.  However, just as it might be important to cut down on the number of calories we eat in an average day, it is more than possible to eat too few.  By regularly consuming too few calories every day, you’ll slow down your weight loss instead of speeding it up.  This isn’t the case over a day, but if it is repeated, the body will naturally slow down the metabolism to make up for what is interpreted as being a period of starvation.

Remember that your body functions to help you to survive.  It doesn’t know about your plan to lose weight. It only detects whether or not it is receiving adequate fuel to function effectively. Below that point, it will shift the way it operates in order to conserve energy to be able to keep functioning. This means you’ll feel sluggish, you’ll burn less fat with the same amount of effort, and you’ll even find that you can’t think as clearly. It’s best to know the right calorie range for your weight loss and stay within it.

2 – Over-the-Top Cardio

Cardio workouts are a great way to burn fat. However, by going overboard with this – particularly while neglecting other types of physical activity and not matching your nutrition to your new workout strategy – you risk your muscles.  Remember that building – or at least preserving – lean muscle is critical to your health and your weight control. By focusing exclusively on cardio, you will burn calories, but you will not only reduce your fat mass, but also muscle.  Clearly, burning muscle is not ideal. Therefore, mix your cardio with strength training and recovery.

3 – Identifying “Bad Foods” and Cutting Them All Out

It’s true that you shouldn’t be eating a deep-fried candy bar every day.  That said, there is a big difference between restricting treat foods or eating smaller portions of them and cutting out all foods deemed “bad” altogether.  Indulgence is important. It’s enjoyable and rewarding.  When reserved for rare occasions and within reason, they are harmless.

Have that deep-fried candy bar once per year at that festival.  Have the steak you love at your favorite restaurant once every couple of weeks or so.  Sink your teeth into that cheeseburger now and again.  Just don’t do it so often that you would call it something you regularly do.

Instead, focus on eating vegetables, fruits, lean protein, whole grains and healthy fats on most days. That way, when you do indulge, it won’t hurt anything.

Avoiding these diet extremes will help you to avoid feeling deprived and will greatly improve your opportunity for making healthy and sustainable changes. If you need support, consider looking into top rated weight loss pills and enjoying the benefits they provide.

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