Is It Safe to Take Diet Pills While Breastfeeding?

Are Diet Pills While BreastfeedingMany women go through post-birth depression, which has a lot to do with the changes taking place in their body as well as their dislike, to put it mildly, towards their physique. As a result, most of these women can’t wait to lose all the extra pounds and get their body back to its previous shape and size. However, due to all the hormonal changes taking place in their body, coupled with the tough schedules and lack of sleep, taking the desired actions for losing weight is almost impossible.

Many women, in their urgency to lose weight, find themselves turning to external weight loss aids that will help them reach their weight goals. However, any medicine a woman takes after having a baby gets passed to the baby when she breastfeeds the infant. This makes using any medicine questionable because of the effect it would have on the baby. Using diet pills while breastfeeding in this way may cause an appetite suppression effect on the baby, which is the last thing anyone wants when it comes to their baby’s health. There are no acceptable compromises.

You want your body to feed properly and grow healthy and strong. Breast milk is essential for strengthening the immune system of infants and as a result, your baby needs to be fed every few hours to keep his/her energy up and for his/her healthy physical and mental development. If your baby stops feeding under the influence of the diet pill, they will not get the required daily nutrients, which will prove harmful for their health.

Diet pills while breastfeeding also helps increase your energy due to their added caffeine content. This may sound like a good idea as it will allow you to keep up with the demands of your baby. However, when this same effect is passed down to your baby through the milk, you will find that your baby will fidget and cry more and barely sleep as the caffeine will keep him/her awake. The last thing you want is to stay awake all day taking care of your baby without the sleep that is essential for you to retain your sanity.

Additionally, you have no idea the kind of effect caffeine will have on the mental development of your baby. It may stunt the mental development and even physical development of your baby. As we said, the last thing you want is to compromise the health of your baby in order to lose the pregnancy weight. It is not worth it.

No amount of weight loss or depression is worth compromising the baby’s health by taking diet pills while breastfeeding, and every mother feels the same way. This is why it is always ideal for a breastfeeding mother to try and lose weight in a natural way instead of using a weight loss aid. Simply cutting back on unhealthy food items and reducing intake of carbohydrates can help you shed the excess weight.

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