Tips to Maintain Dieting Discipline

maintain dieting discipline

When and if you are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle change, dieting discipline is needed. Many people are committed and have true self discipline in the first month or so, then they slowly let themselves slip. After all, it’s not easy to overhaul an area of your life that has been the same for a long time.  It takes dedication to alter the way you do things during three meals per day and for each snack.

Getting Your Brain on Your Side

Instead of trying to force yourself to do things you don’t want to do, the idea is to work with motivation to make dieting discipline easier. There are ways to retrain your brain to be more disciplined and focused.

Use these tips to maintain dieting discipline and get back on track. By using these methods, it won’t feel as though you need to exert nearly as much willpower as it seems.  The reason is that you’re keeping yourself fired up, interested, and motivated.

Getting Started with Dieting Discipline

When you are starting out or coming back to your diet it is important to have specific goals. Be as specific as possible and write them down. Write dates, reps, times, and pounds, whatever is included in your healthy lifestyle goals.  Make sure the goals you set are realistic and be open to altering them as you go to be sure you’re not finding them too hard or too easy.

For example, if you are trying to work up to more reps, you would write your dates times and reps each time you work out. If you were aiming for a certain number of pounds you would maybe weigh in weekly at the same time and day each week, you would write it down in a fitness journal.

Post Your Goals Where You Can See Them

Share your goals with yourself where you’ll see them on a regular basis.  This will help to remind you of what they are and why you’re making the efforts.  They’ll help you to recognize why keeping up your dieting discipline is important.  It’s not just a matter of reaching your final goal but also looking to those you want to reach along the way, too.

Post relevant goals where they will make sense for you to see them.  If you need to get geared up first thing in the morning, post a goal on your bathroom mirror.  If you want to remind yourself of the importance of a nutritious diet, add inspiring goal-related messages to your fridge handle.  Put a fitness-related goal message on your TV’s remote control.  If you want to do yoga before bed, place a friendly reminder on your pillow!

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Learn to Visualize

Visualizing your goals will help you maintain your dieting discipline. The more specific you make them, the better you will be able to visualize them. If you are trying to be able to bench your weight, or bench 180, visualize yourself reaching your goal, think about the feeling you will have when you pushed yourself and worked your way up to that. If your goal is to lose weight, you should visualize yourself fitting into your skinny jeans. Make sure to keep your goals written in your fitness journal.

How to Keep up Dieting Discipline When Sacrifices are Needed

Fitness and dieting discipline will take sacrifices. Know this, and learn how to overcome- overcome sweets, processed foods, and foods you know are not good for you. One little slip in your discipline can lead to many more. This one little slip up can be a gateway slip, causing you to spiral out of control.

It is also helpful in dieting discipline to think about all the people who have told you that you cannot do something. Let that be the motivator for you to push yourself even harder. Prove those people wrong, you can and will reach your goal. Each crunch, lunge, or push-up is just another person you have proved wrong.

Moreover, don’t just take things away from yourself.  Wherever you’ve had to sacrifice something – like a cookie for a mid-morning snack – replace it with something else you like, such as yogurt with berries.

Dieting discipline starts with setting goals and finding out exactly what you are working toward, down to the very detail. Visualizing what you want, how you will get there, and what it will be like when you reach your goal is the next step. Finally, making sacrifices is the last step to diet discipline. Each time you slip, your consequence should be something like a cold shower or extra minutes on your workout time.

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