Popular Diets with the Biggest Flaws

Diets with the Biggest FlawsIt is not uncommon to witness a friend or a family member (or even yourself) slide head-first into Neverland under the guise of some trendy diet that makes huge promises. Previous generations subjected themselves to some pretty awful ploys in an effort to lose weight, but modern science now helps make weight loss much safer for the average bear. In the meantime, you will probably hear about several popular eating habits that have rendered significant results for one person or another. This just means that you will have to educate yourself on the trendy diets with the biggest flaws.

Beware of the Fat-Free Fad

Fat-free eating has been a popular choice for modern eaters for quite some time now. Although many people have been able to achieve remarkable weight loss this way, it is really not recommended for everyone. As one of the major diets with the biggest flaws, a fat-free eating habit can ultimately damage your cognitive functions, hinder proper cell reproduction, and actually make you fatter if you’re not careful. Just to be on the safe side, it is always best to speak with your doctor or with a certified nutritionist to find out how much fat you should be consuming each day.

Low Carbs Equal Low Heart Health

Recently, the low-carb (or Atkins) diet has swept the nation, giving dieters everywhere false hope for significant weight loss and health optimization. Sure, some folks might have dropped a few pounds, but their hearts are paying for it. Carbohydrates, albeit somewhat fattening if eaten in excess, are actually essential to proper health and overall fitness. Without enough of this vital energy source, your body will begin to draw its vigor from other places in the body, where you might need it more. Instead of cutting carbs from your diet completely, try limiting your intake while becoming a little more physically active.

Raw Food Can Be Dangerous

One of the most popular diets with the biggest flaws is the raw food diet. Many celebrities are actually endorsing this eating plan, showing off their fit and svelte bodies as exhibit A. While a diet of nothing but raw foods does have its many advantages, it can be somewhat dangerous if the eater is uneducated. In order to benefit fully from this diet, you would have to do massive amounts of research on the topic to know which foods you should eat and which ones you should avoid. It may be best simply to incorporate a few more raw food items into your existing diet, as opposed to making a full switch right away.

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