What to Drink to Lose Weight

how to Drink to Lose WeightYou might have heard it a million times that you should watch your plate closely when eating. But this is not where the story ends, as you have to keep a check on your glass so you can also drink to lose weight. It is easier to track the content of your meals but forget what you are drinking. Most of the blogs and books are written with an emphasis on the contents of your plate and beverages are not factored into the equation. But beverages also contain calories and anything you consume which contains calories is going to add to your weight.

Soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices, all of these can increase your caloric intake without providing much energy in return. They must be avoided if you want to stay healthy and fit. As a substitution, you can choose one of these beverages to drink to lose weight. You will not only enjoy the taste but also the numerous health benefits they offer:

Green Tea
Green tea is known as the healthiest beverage in the world. It boosts your metabolic rate, thereby catalyzing the weight loss process. You can drink it either iced or hot, whichever you prefer. Just make sure you don’t add sugar. In its place, you can add honey. It is also rich in antioxidants that help your body fight off toxins.

Vegetable Juice
Vegetable juice is one of the best beverages that can easily be made at home without any prior experience in the kitchen. Vegetables offer a variety of nutrients. Green vegetables are recommended by health experts for instant and effective weight loss.

The list for what to drink to lose weight can’t be complete without water. Your body needs water; after all, more than 70% of it is made up of water. It is a basic need that you have to fulfill. However, this won’t do justice to all the other factors that makes water so much valuable. Water is a natural appetite suppressor which means it can help you fight off hunger pangs. In fact, if you feel hungry between meals, just drink a glass of water, as often your body confuses thirst with hunger and you end up eating instead of drinking. Of course, this will contribute towards weight loss.

You can make all these beverages a part of your daily diet and enjoy the numerous weight loss benefits they offer.

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