Drinking Hot Beverages: Is There Any Real Health Benefit?

Drinking Hot BeveragesEvery year as the weather turns colder, people start to ask themselves whether or not drinking hot beverages is better for them. Inevitably, there is a news or talk show segment that will discuss the reasons that some people drink their water cold while others drink it room temperature or even hot.

For people who are used to drinking hot beverages, it may come as a surprise to find out that consuming water when it is warm actually comes with several health benefits. While many people drink water while it’s warm or hot because they know about those health advantages, others simply don’t like cold beverages. It may be a matter of personal taste, or it could be due to tooth sensitivity.

Regardless of the reason you enjoy it, consider the following health benefits for drinking hot beverages:

· Warm water will ease cramping or stomach pain. Women who experience abdominal pain during their periods will frequently find that hot water relaxes the contracting muscles that are hurting them. It is a natural and convenient way to ease the discomfort.

· Drinking hot water may help some people to lose weight more quickly. More research is required before this is considered to be proven. However, many people have found that weight loss can be accelerated when they drink warm or hot water.

· It promotes clearer skin. Because warmer water is absorbed more efficiently by the body, it helps to promote more hydrated skin. Hydrated skin is highly beneficial to the complexion.

· Consuming warm water when you have a sore throat can help to reduce the pain. This is true on its own or with a touch of honey melted into it. Gargling with warm salt water can make an even bigger difference…only it doesn’t taste quite as good.

· Drinking enough warm water can help to reduce the instance of dandruff caused by a dry scalp. Just as it can help to promote healthier skin, it can also promote a healthier scalp.

· Warm water consumed on a regular basis can help to reduce the look of wrinkles. The reason is that it plumps up the cells of the skin, decreasing sagging, bagging and the wrinkling that occurs as a result.

Drinking warm water with your diet pill, such as PhenBlue, may also help to encourage more efficient absorption. Adequate water intake is important to the use of any high quality weight loss supplement.

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