You Can Eat Potatoes and Lose Weight After All

eat potatoes and lose weightSomewhere along the way, carbs became the enemy, and therefore the news that you can actually eat potatoes and lose weight is welcome to many of us. If you want to work at losing weight, you need to eat the right foods. Along the way somewhere, we were told to believe that all carbs are bad for us. This really isn’t the case, but rather healthy eating is more about the right types of carbs that can work with you instead of against you. Educating people on this very lesson and helping them to be their very best through eating good, healthy, whole foods from the earth is what it’s all about. Learning that potatoes can be part of that healthy eating plan is great for everyone!

So why were we given wrong information, and how can it be that you can eat potatoes and lose weight after all? Here’s how it works: the wrong types of carbs will always work against you and cause you to gain weight. This doesn’t mean all carbs, however, but just the type made with white flour and white sugar. These will cause your blood sugar levels to rise quickly and help you to feel satisfied. Blood sugar levels will fall quickly thereafter, though, after which you will feel hungry and eat whatever you can find. So eating these carbs, which are known as simple carbohydrates, will almost always cause you to gain weight by eating the wrong foods.

Good Carbs That Will Work For You

The good news, though, is that complex carbohydrates will help you with weight loss and a number of health conditions, too. When you focus on these good carbs, you can understand why you can eat potatoes and lose weight in the process. This is because potatoes are complex carbs that contain fiber and vital nutrients. They will benefit your health and keep you running strong without the undesired effects that the wrong carbs offer. When you eat the right types of carbs, including potatoes, you will find that you have more energy and that you feel satisfied, too.

You do want to be diligent about combining food groups for a comprehensive diet. So yes, you can eat potatoes and lose weight, but do try to combine them with lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, good fats, and of course other whole grains and other good carbs. Try to mix regular potatoes and sweet potatoes for even more fiber. Get creative with how you enjoy potatoes by incorporating additional nutrients found in the right foods. If you can change your thinking and eat potatoes in the right way, you will not only benefit in terms of weight loss but you will also be your very best in many different ways.

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