Eating with the Seasons

tips for eating with the seasons

Eating with the seasons is a practice that humanity has maintained for thousands of years out of necessity.  However, the necessity has faded over the last few centuries and especially over the last fifty to one hundred years.  The global economy allows us to regularly see produce year-round, even if the local growing season wouldn’t permit it.

After all, how else would we be able to eat strawberries or spinach in the wintertime – aside from frozen or preserved options? Even then, freezers and other methods of preservation have meant that our locally grown foods can be enjoyed at any time of year.

Why Try Eating with the Seasons?

There are many reasons that people prefer eating with the seasons whenever possible.  The first point is that the food is freshest when it doesn’t need to travel far.  This means that the flavor is at its peak.  That apple you eat right off the tree tastes completely different from the one you purchase six months later from halfway around the world.

Choosing foods by eating with the seasons can also mean that you’re eating more nutritious foods. The longer we wait to eat fresh foods after they have been picked, the more their nutrition is lost. Moreover, when food is shipped from a distance, it is often picked before it is ripe (in order to make sure it doesn’t rot before it reaches store shelves). This stops many types of food from reaching its full nutritional potential. Eating it when it is in season means it doesn’t have to travel as far and can ripen on the plant.

Equally, many people like to eat seasonal fruit to support their local farmers. While they do that, they’re also doing a surprising amount for the environment, too. After all, the less traveling foods need to endure, the smaller the carbon footprint they leave behind. A basket of blueberries from a local farm will require transportation by truck across a relatively short distance. When it comes from another continent, it is transported by truck and/or train to a ship, shipped to a port where it is then transported by more trains and trucks to a grocery store. The difference is staggering.

What Foods Should You have While Eating with the Seasons?

Eating with the seasons is going to depend where in the world you live and whether you live in warmer climates or colder climates.

While each area will be slightly different, the warmer climates are going to be able to grow most food year-round, while the colder cannot grow certain foods during certain times of the year. The point of eating with the season is to familiarize yourself with the foods that grow in each season, to eat more healthily, and more frugally.

The best place to buy your seasonal foods is at a local farmers market. You can feel good helping local farmers and eating fresher foods. Eating with the seasons ensures you get the highest quality fresh produce possible. If you would like a more extensive and personal seasonal food list, you can look for seasonal foods according to your region or ask your local farmers market farmers.


Here in America, spring is typically cool still, so it is the best time to buy frozen foods, March to be specific.

Here are some spring foods:



A North American summer is at some point very hot, if you are growing your own foods, be sure to give them some shade this time of year.

Summer foods include:



In the US fall tends to still be hot but descending.

Fall foods include:

-Pumpkins (of course)


Wintertime here in the USA is cold mostly, but the best time to buy frozen turkey (December specifically).

Other winter foods include:

-Oranges (Valencia)

Year Round

If you are wondering if there are foods that can be grown all year round, you might be on to something.

The year-round foods are:

-Green beans
-Green onions

Eating with the seasons is more healthy, practical, and budget friendly. Additionally, helping local farmers is very important for people and the environment. If you are buying local it’s less gas and no shipping, and handling which is better for everyone. This simply makes it a great way to enjoy food.

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