Extremely Low Calorie Diets Can Cause These Scary Side Effects

Extremely Low Calorie DietsExtremely low calorie diets might seem like a fast way to lose those extra pounds that you have been struggling to get rid of, but they can cause some really scary side effects. That’s why they simply aren’t worth pursuing.

Some of the side effects of consuming too few calories are listed below. Check them out so you can learn why you should instead stick with a healthy diet and exercise routine if you want to lose weight.

The Development of Gallstones

Developing gallstones is actually one of the most common side effects of going on one of the many extremely low calorie diets out there. These are also really common amongst individuals who end up losing weight too rapidly. Basically, when you are dealing with a calorie deficit, your body will begin breaking down your stored fat in order to have the energy that it needs to survive. But even though this sounds like something that you would want, it isn’t, because your liver will end up secreting additional cholesterol. When that cholesterol combines with bile, gallstones could form.

Weaker Bones

When you go on an extremely low calorie diet, you may also end up suffering from electrolyte imbalances. These imbalances could then cause the body to take calcium from the bones. As you probably already guessed, that can cause your bones to become weak, and you could become more susceptible to conditions like osteoporosis.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Extremely low calorie diets can also be detrimental to your overall health because they can cause a loss of muscle mass. Basically, without the calories that you would normally get from the foods that you eat, your body will need another way to get the energy required to survive. That will cause it to turn on its own muscles. Your body will burn through muscle tissue because it won’t have enough glucose in the blood, and that will lead to unwanted muscle loss.

Other scary symptoms of a diet that is too low in calories include constipation, nausea, headaches, and fatigue. By following a healthy diet that gives your body the calories and nutrients that it needs to thrive, you can slim down and feel great, without any side effects. But if you need some extra support, consider adding a weight management support product like PhenBlue to the mix, as you can feel more energized to take on your day and your workouts, thereby burning additional calories with greater ease.

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