3 Fast Paced Workouts to Keep You Active All Winter Long

Winter Fast Paced WorkoutsNo matter where you are this winter, the right fast paced workouts can keep you feeling energized and fit. Whether you’re at home, outside, in a hotel room while traveling for the holidays, or anywhere else, you’ll have the space to complete these quick moves and stay in shape.

Fast paced workouts can be helpful year round, but they are especially helpful when you’re short on time and space. If you’re trying to keep up with preparations over the holidays, traveling, or are otherwise bogged down with tasks you’ll still be able to fit some or all of these quick moves into your daily routine.

What Goes Into Fast Paced Workouts?

The idea behind fast paced workouts is to find moves you can do extremely quickly. Their intensity and small space requirements means that you’ll get great cardio and fat burn out of them without needing to do them for very long. They also don’t require you to go to the gym, so they can be worked into your life no matter where you are.

How to Do These Fast Paced Workouts?

To take advantage of these fast paced workouts, the best plan is to warm up a bit ahead of time, then do each move (or as many of them as you want/have time for) for one minute without taking a rest between moves. Look through the complete plan before starting so you’ll know what to do next without pausing between exercises. Afterward, don’t forget to cool down a little, even if you’re just walking calmly in a small circle for a minute.

To make sure these fast paced workouts stay challenging and interesting, switch up the order of the moves you complete. Don’t simply go through the exact same routine every time or you’ll rapidly become bored.

Move #1: Crossjacks

This move is fantastic for your legs and shoulders. Very similar to standard jumping jacks, they require you to cross one arm in front of the other and one foot in front of the other, then return to starting position, then do the other side. Continue alternating and do it as many times as you accurately can for a full minute.

Move #2: Drop Squat Punches

This move works your arms, shoulders, back, legs and backside. Stand with your feet together. Jump with your feet wide as you squat, and punch forward. Return to starting position and punch with the other arm. Keep going for one minute.

Move #3: Jump Lunges

This move works your legs and backside. All you need to do is lunge forward with one leg, keeping your elbows bent and hands closed. Jump as you switch your legs.

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