FDA Bans Trans Fats: What This Means for You

FDA Bans Trans Fats announcementOn the 26th of June, the FDA announced they are moving forward with a ban on artificial trans fats, as they are no longer considered safe for consumption. This new rule gives food companies a time period of three years to get rid of artificial trans fat from their products. This decision was made to curb the incidence of health problems caused by people eating unhealthy trans fats. The use of trans fats has been known to cause coronary heart diseases, which is perhaps the main reason why the FDA bans trans fats for good.

About of 85% of trans fats have already been eliminated from the food market and the use of these fats has already declined significantly over the years. However, there are some food companies that off and have yet to take strict action towards this ban. The news that the FDA bans trans fats will cause them to rethink their strategy and they will have to oblige. The FDA considers it a major public health concern which needs to be sorted out immediately and plans to take strict action as a number of food companies are still using trans fat even though attempts have been made to remove them from the market.

What Are Trans Fats?

Artificial trans fats are a chemical byproduct of PHOs which are created as a result of hydrogenation reactions. Thus, trans fats are also known as hydrogenated fat and are generally used as an ingredient in processed foods. They are generally found in items such as cakes and biscuits and are known to give products a longer shelf life, altering their taste and texture. Though the FDA bans trans fat, you are highly unlikely to notice any change in the taste of processed foods.

Why are Trans Fats Bad for You?

A high intake of trans fat in your diet can lead to high cholesterol levels in the blood. Trans fat has been known to contribute to increased risk of coronary heart diseases, as they block up the arteries with plaque which may result in heart attack and strokes. Some of the major food products that contain trans fats are unhealthy junk foods that consumers should stay away from.

What Should You Do?

Since 2006, the FDA has made it compulsory for all food companies to list the amount of trans fats their product contains on the nutritional labels. Consumers can benefit from this and limit their use of artificial trans fat by choosing healthier alternatives as even consuming small amounts of trans fats can cause adverse affects to a person’s health. It is thus advised the consumers pay close attention to the nutritional labels before purchasing food items.

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