The Benefits of Gastric Bypass for Teens

Gastric Bypass for Teens to lose weightGastric bypass for teens is a crucial life-changing decision. It is considered controversial, therefore it is not recommended unless other options, like changing your diet or increasing physical activity, have not been tried. It is the last resort for teenagers. Obesity should be tackled as soon as possible but gastric bypass isn’t the first option. However, many teenagers are willing to opt for it because of the many benefits it offers.

The problem with obesity is it affects your life on multiple fronts, which gets even more challenging for teenagers who are going through transitional stages. Obesity doesn’t only affect the physical health by causing diseases, like diabetes and complex cardiovascular issues, but also mental and psychosocial issues because of rejection and bullying. So far, the benefits of gastric bypass for teens have improved the quality of life for many obese teenagers. It has saved many of them from possible health hazards, mental health issues, and has improved their lives from all aspects.

Here are few of the many benefits of gastric bypass for teens:

Lower Risk of Diabetes
Teenagers who went through gastric bypass have shown signs of remission of type-2 diabetes. Some people were cured quickly while others showed improvement. There isn’t a single case where improvement wasn’t obvious among the patients. Optimal blood glucose, level of hemoglobin A1C, insulin concentration and sensitivity, blood pressure, and level of serum lipid are few of the areas where the progress is evident.

Better Heart Health
Gastric bypass for teens doesn’t work like a magic wand but gradually, over time, you will see definite changes. Cardiac abnormalities may not disappear all of a sudden but if the patient is determined to eliminate it, after the bariatric surgery it is possible. You can easily maintain cholesterol, insulin, and glucose levels that are essential for good cardiac health. Besides this, hypertension is controlled and normalized after the surgery.

High Standard of Life
One research shows that the patients who underwent surgery showed visible improvements in lifestyle. They were keen to stay healthy and choose a path that leads to a happy and prosperous life. The major reason behind the change is not only their physical appearance or fitness. The level of feel good hormones is stimulated, which weren’t in flow previously because of obesity. Relief from problems is another reason why patients feel more satisfied after bariatric surgery.

Improvement in Psychosocial Health
Teenagers who have undergone the surgery have reported that gastric bypass was a pleasant experience for them. Although they had to be cautious but the results were impressive and the treatment was worth it. They no longer were facing any social issues, like bullying, teasing, or rejection. Patients didn’t report any symptoms related to anxiety or depression as the root cause was usually obesity. There was a significant reduction in somatic complains and social competence issues that were raised by the same teenagers prior to gastric bypass.

Improvement in Sleep Apnea
Gastric bypass for teens addresses a range of problems, including sleep apnea. Sleep apnea gradually started to reduce. 55% of the patients showed quick improvement after the surgery and the severity was eliminated to a great extent.

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