The Best Form of Exercise to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat

A majority of people who try to get the perfect abs struggle to get rid of belly fat. No matter how much they work out or eat the right kinds of food, they fail to tone their abs because of the extra layer of belly fat. It’s disheartening to see yourself gaining nothing even after putting in hours and hours at the gym, trying to get rid of it. Have you ever wondered why is it not working? Most people don’t stop and evaluate their practices again for better results. If you continue the same activities expecting a change, you are going in the wrong direction.

Exercise plays an important role but only the right kind of exercise brings result. Otherwise, you can spend countless hours trying to get rid of belly fat but it won’t work. This is why you must thoughtfully decide on the exercises for getting rid of fat from a specific part of the body.

Knowing the fundamentals is the first step towards choosing the best form of exercise. The abs are already there. All you have to do is cut the flabby layer that’s covering them. With the right approach, you can solve the problem. Here is a look at the best forms of exercise to get rid of belly fat:


Side planks, to be more specific, are the kind of exercise that delivers results. It allows you to challenge the muscles in the belly. It requires more energy so more fats are burned in order to fulfill the energy requirement. Unlike the traditional plank, the side plank is a lot harder as you have to support your entire body weight on one arm and one leg. This puts extra pressure and the energy requirement is comparatively high. For sustaining balance, you have to work on your core and stabilize it. Moving and changing the position in an anticlockwise rotation is more effective for losing belly fat.

Alligator Drag

This is an exercise which you should make a part of your workout routine as it will give you instant results. It involves a higher degree of endurance and strength as the intensity of the movement is high. Thereby, you burn more calories. Your core is the center of the exercise. It combines cardio, strength and endurance training to bring the results more quickly. You will be amazed at how such a little improvement and addition to your workout can bring about an 180o shift.

These are the best forms of exercises to get rid of belly fat. Try these and see how they transform your belly into great abs so finally you can show them off proudly.

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