Top Signs Your Group Fitness Class Isn’t Right for You

Spot a Bad Group Fitness Class A group fitness class can be an amazing experience.  It can help to motivate you, teach you and bring you to new levels of physical performance and achievement.  That said, with so many classes out there, you aren’t guaranteed to have a perfect experience every time.  While some classes are excellent and can redefine your love for your active lifestyle, others are total lemons.

Unfortunately, with the number of gyms and independent studios popping up everywhere, it is becoming more challenging to find that perfect group fitness class. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find just the right one for you.  Often, this means spotting the wrong one before you end up singing up for a bad class.

Indicators that You’ve Stumbled on the Wrong Group Fitness Class

No Options Available

A great group fitness class is one that takes your needs into consideration.  If the instructor shows up, introduces him or herself, doesn’t provide much detail about what you can expect and doesn’t allow for input from participants, you’ve found the wrong class.

Remember that you’re looking for something that will benefit you.  If the instructor is entirely focused on him or herself, then you won’t get the most out of the class. Your instructor needs to be experienced and flexible enough to adapt his or her workout to what the class needs, not just what is jotted down on a notepad.

Time is Wasted

Your instructor needs to respect your time and the fact that you paid for a complete class.  Therefore, if he or she strolls in right at the start time – or afterward – it means that you’re paying for him or her to be idle or to prepare for the class. Wasted time is time you’re paying for but that isn’t benefiting you.

If you’re attending a good group fitness class, your instructor should be in class and preparing at least 10 minutes before things are supposed to get started.  This is the case even if they had a class or a client immediately beforehand.  If this isn’t the case, you’re losing out. It’s a clear indication that you aren’t your instructor’s – or the gym’s – priority.

The Class Description Doesn’t Match the Class Itself

You’ve been reading about the group fitness class on the website.  When you show up in person, it simply doesn’t reflect the description provided.  This is not a good sign.  You could luck out and still enjoy yourself. That said, if you had your heart set on what was described, then this isn’t the class for you.

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