Never Take Any of These Hazardous Diet Pills

Hazardous Diet Pills to avoidWe’ve all heard the expression that it takes only one bad apple to spoil the bunch. The same can be said about the weight loss supplement market. Except that in this case, the bunch is much larger. This means that there has been the chance for some hazardous diet pills that have made their way into the market, giving all product in that category a bad name.

The truth of the matter is that the majority of weight loss supplements are safe for most people to use. Unfortunately, there are enough hazardous diet pills on the market that you do need to be careful. True, the odds are that if you buy products from a reputable source, you’ll be just fine. However, is it really worth the risk?

Take a few minutes to inform yourself about hazardous diet pills so you can improve your chances of never taking them. Consider the following products in that category:

Ephedrine – Call it ephedra, mahuang, ma-huang, sea grape or any other name. Either way, it was once legal and it is now banned by the FDA for the considerable strain it places on the heart. It can be very dangerous for some people, leading to a sudden heart attack or stroke. Several deaths were attributed to the use of this substance before it was banned from the weight loss market.

Dinitrophenol – This is a substance that was first released in the 1930s and became popular for weight loss. However, it causes strange eating and sleeping habits and raises the body temperature by a considerable amount leading to profuse sweating. It can also lead to allergies and soreness and can be a catalyst for cancer. It is dangerous and banned.

Sibutramine – This former prescription drug was once used for weight loss but was then discovered to have odd impacts on the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It leads to heart palpitations and can cause seizures. It can also lead to serious hypertension. This is now also illegal to buy or sell.

Rimonabant – Also known as Acomplia, this was once thought to be a highly successful prescription diet pill but was found to cause depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, mood swings and can lead to suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

If you’re looking for a diet pill that is safe to use and does not require a prescription, look into a high quality product like Phenblue.

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