The Health Benefits of Potatoes

health benefits of potatoes for dietersWe hear so many bad things about them, but there are truly some great health benefits of potatoes. Somewhere along the way in this “no carb” craze, we heard that potatoes were to be feared. This is simply not true as they are not like all of the other carbs out there. Though simple carbohydrates are off limits since they offer no nutritional benefit and may actually harm your health, potatoes are not included in this proscription. You want to stay away from white breads, pasta, and rice, but potatoes should be a staple in your diet. You can get so much out of this one simple vegetable, so you want to feature it within your diet on a regular basis.

In addition to the potato being a vegetable, the health benefits of potatoes are countless. The first and most obvious benefit is that a potato happens to be high in potassium. This is something that too few of us get enough of, and potatoes may be one of the single greatest sources. When you give your body this much-needed nutrient, you get some amazing health benefits out of it. In addition to potassium, you will find that potatoes are also loaded with vitamin B6, copper, and vitamin C. You get some true value out of this one simple food!

A Natural Energy Spike

Another thing to consider in terms of the health benefits of potatoes is that they are a great source of natural energy. They are what carbohydrates are meant to be, so they are one of the best sources of energy that you can get. You won’t get that spike of energy that quickly dissipates, either. Instead, you will get a low-fat and low-calorie burst of natural energy that sticks with you. Additionally, potatoes are high in fiber, so they take longer to be digested. This works well to help keep you feeling full for longer, and it is a great asset in natural weight loss.

Therefore, as you search out the health benefits of potatoes, you want to really think about what you can get out of them. Though they have received a bad reputation over the years, you can stand to gain much more than you realize from eating them. Do take the time to get rid of the wrong carbs, but be sure that you make potatoes a big part of your diet. If you can keep that in mind, you will notice the health benefits readily and really see some major changes come your way. This is how to think through your health needs and to be your very best, so be ready to embrace potatoes and make them part of your diet.

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