Healthier Fast Food Challenge

Healthier Fast Food ChallengeFast food is super convenient; no one can deny that. But it also isn’t all that good for you. Thankfully, though, you can enjoy the convenience and speed of fast food while eating a meal that’s better for your waistline by taking the healthier fast food challenge below. Learn how to order the foods that will help you stick to your fitness goals and diet plan.

Have a Healthy Fast Food Breakfast
Whether you’re headed to school or work, sometimes you don’t have time to make a balanced breakfast at home, so the local fast food restaurant is the next best thing while you’re in a hurry. But rather than going to McDonald’s and ordering pancakes or sausage and egg sandwiches, order the fruit and maple oatmeal or the fruit and yogurt parfait. These foods will fill you up without giving you too many calories to start your day.

Focus on a Quick but Nutritious Lunch
Only have time in your day for a quick lunch break? Fast food might be calling you, but make sure that you don’t fall victim to the temptation for high-fat cheeseburgers and fries if you’re going to Burger King. A healthier fast food alternative would be their garden salad, but avoid getting the one that has bacon and cheddar in it. And if you’re craving a burger, stick with their veggie burger option with a salad as the side instead of a French fries.

A Filling Dinner
When you’re too pressed for time, or simply too tired, to make dinner at home, you can head to a local fast food restaurant and order one of the healthier fast food options on the menu. A great place to try is Chipotle, which prides itself in offering non genetically modified ingredients. You can have a burrito bowl or a burrito, as well as tacos, that are loaded with fresh vegetables, guacamole, beans, and rice. Don’t bother adding sour cream and cheese, as those will only serve to pack on the calories, fat, cholesterol, and salt.

Avoid Dessert
When ordering fast food, you might be tempted to also give yourself a little treat at the end of your meal. But all that sugar in those milkshakes and ice creams can be detrimental to your health and weight. It really is best to avoid dessert and enjoy a treat at home instead.

With the tips above, you can order healthier fast food options, and with the help of PhenBlue, you can keep your weight in check even after you’ve indulged in these foods.

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