Healthiest Omelet Additions to Keep in Your Morning Meal Rotation

Healthiest Omelet AdditionsMaking an omelet is a great way to start your day and get the nutrition you need to power through your morning until it’s time for lunch. But if you include the healthiest omelet additions, such as those that are listed below, you can make your breakfast even better for your entire body. Consider keeping the following omelet additions in your morning meal rotation.


One of the many vegetables that you can add to your omelet is asparagus. It will add plenty of flavor, while also providing your body with B vitamins that will boost your energy level. You can even enjoy an asparagus omelet before your workout in the morning, as you will be getting a healthy dose of bone-strengthening vitamins. Plus, asparagus can even help protect your body against various cancers, while giving your body fiber that will help you stay fuller for longer.


Do you like spicy foods? Then consider adding a kick to your omelet by incorporating some jalapeno peppers in the mix. These peppers are high in vitamins A and C, which are both nutrients that are known for protecting the body against a variety of diseases. Beyond that, these peppers can help reduce inflammation and maintain healthy blood flow too.

Swiss Chard

Another one of the healthiest omelet additions is Swiss chard. This vegetable provides a bit of saltiness and bitterness that balances well with the flavor of eggs. Sauté the Swiss chard prior to adding it to your omelet, as doing so will ensure it is softened, and it will also reduce the bitterness. Plus, by incorporating more of this veggie into your overall diet, you will be getting plenty of protein, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.


Yummy tomatoes add more nutrition to a variety of meals, and they are also one of the healthiest omelet additions that you can try. They are packed with flavor, can reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems, and can even reduce your risk of cancer. Plus, they can help you maintain a healthy weight while giving your body the vitamins and minerals necessary to feel nourished.

By adding these and other healthy ingredients to your omelets, you can make every breakfast a delicious meal that you will look forward to. And if you are taking a weight management product like PhenBlue, you can also rest assured that you are taking the right steps towards achieving or maintaining an ideal weight.

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