Top 3 Healthiest Places to Live in America

Top Healthiest Places to Live in America Living healthfully is an individual choice but where you live can have an impact. If you reside in one of the healthiest places to live in America, you may actually have an unexpected advantage.

There are certain locations that are far more fit and where people eat much more nutritiously than others. These healthiest places to live in America provide an atmosphere and a culture of living better for overall wellness. It provides greater access to eating well, being fit and practicing overall mindfulness.

The following are the top 3 healthiest places to live in America:

Minneapolis – if you search for places across the country where people live healthful lifestyles, you’ll always find Minneapolis if not at the very top, certainly quite high up. Residents of this city have been deemed to be more active than any other city in the United States.

Among the people who live in Minneapolis, 86 percent say they have exercised in some way within the last month. Another 55 percent say they do something at least moderately active for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. They also have the lowest asthma rate and are reportedly living in the city with the lowest percentage of deaths caused by heart disease.

San Francisco – this Californian city has been credited with launching the farm-to-table healthful eating movement. This is a natural step for the city when taking into consideration that their massive farmers market is available year round. After all, the climate in the region makes it possible for a never ending growing season. This provides residents of the city with continual access with highly nutritious foods.

In this city, at least half of all adults eat a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, according to data from the California Department of Public Health. That statistic is even higher for children. As the consumption of fruits and veggies is very high, the obesity rate is also quite low. In fact, in the Bay Area, the percentage of people with a healthy body weight is 46 percent. Considering that the national rate is 30 percent, that figure is clearly far better.

Boston – this city is an extremely active one. Its infrastructure has made it possible for people to travel and commute without necessarily needing to rely on motorized vehicles. With 17 miles of bike paths along the Charles River and another 35 miles of bike-only lanes (every mile of which has been put into place since 2007), a rapidly growing number of city residents are choosing to cycle to school, work and everywhere else. This is also the city where health care coverage is at its highest percentage.

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