Top 5 Healthy Midnight Snacks When Your Tummy Grumbles Overnight

Top Healthy Midnight SnacksLooking for healthy midnight snacks to keep the guilt out of late night snacking? Although there were many years in which the common belief was that midnight snacking was bad, that attitude has changed. It’s still better not to eat late at night if you’re not actually hungry. That said, if you’re hungry, your sleep quality will be harmed unless you have a little something to satisfy it.

Therefore, the key isn’t to rule out all late night eating. Instead, you need the right healthy midnight snacks from which to choose.

Great Healthy Midnight Snacks

The next time you’re hungry late at night, choose these healthy midnight snacks.

Fresh Berries

Fresh fruit can be a great option for healthy midnight snacks, but berries are particularly good options. They’re full of nutrients such as magnesium that can help you to calm down and relax so you can become restful to sleep. They’re also high in fiber to keep you feeling full until the morning. Have them with a few nuts or a small glass of milk if you’re particularly hungry.

Fresh Veggies

Just as fresh fruit makes for great healthy midnight snacks, so do fresh veggies. They’re full of water and fiber to keep you feeling full while they give you lots of low cal nutrition. Great options include cucumbers and celery as they each contain nutrients that can help to promote calm and restfulness at night.

Peanut Butter Toast

Not feeling the fruit and veggie vibe for your healthy midnight snacks tonight? Just take out a piece of whole grain bread and natural peanut butter (made from just peanuts, no sugar or other ingredients added). A piece of peanut butter toast is warm, comforting and filling. Just keep it simple so you don’t fill up on unnecessary empty calories from white bread or sweetened peanut butter.


A small handful of nuts such as walnuts or almonds makes for a perfect option among healthy midnight snacks. They’re high in vitamins and fiber. If you’re just feeling slightly hungry, then this can be a good choice for you. The key is not to eat much more than ten of them or you’ll overdo the amount of fat and calories you need at bedtime.

Keep these options handy and either prepared or easy to prepare. That way, your healthy midnight snacks will always be convenient and relaxing.

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