Here’s How to Renew Your Weight Loss Efforts This Spring

Renew Your Weight Loss Efforts this SpringSpring is a natural time to renew your weight loss efforts.  After all, it’s the season when nature decides it’s time to start again with a fresh beginning.  It’s also the season in which we tuck our bulky sweaters back into storage and have to face the damage we did during the cold, comfort food months.

How to Renew Your Weight Loss Efforts, Starting Today

What you do to renew your weight loss efforts can be as big or small as you want it to be. That said, regardless of the size or intricacy of your fat burning strategy, there are many things you can do starting right now which can begin to make a difference within your first 24 hours. Does this mean that you can expect to see lost pounds on the scale within a day? Not unless it’s just water weight.

However, you can do many things to renew your weight loss efforts within the first day of making your decision, which can set you up for success in the long run. These are all very practical tips that will benefit nearly any strategy.

Tips to Renew Your Weight Loss Efforts Within a Day

Decide when you’re going to get started. Are you ready to renew your weight loss efforts right now, today?  Or is that more of a weekend activity, when you’ll have more time? There’s no need to wait until a perfect time to do it, but it is good to make sure you’ve got a moment to focus on what you’re doing. This won’t require much time, but it will require some.

For that reason, a busy day may not be your best opportunity to try to set yourself up for success. At the same time, procrastinating won’t help you, either.  Decide to make this a priority in your life.

Here are some great tips to get you started.

Measure Your Starting Point

Regardless of whether you plan to weigh yourself all the way along, or don’t plan to use a bathroom scale to measure your progress at all, collecting some information about your starting point – a kind of baseline – is always a great idea to renew your weight loss efforts.  This will let you know where you were when you started.  This can be very helpful over time, because it’s hard to see progress when it happens gradually. However, if you can look back to your original weight or a picture of how you look now, you’ll be able to see the difference quite a bit more.

Use the Right Tools

Use an app like MyFitnessPal or a free web-based program like ShareFit to better understand your nutrition intake, your exercise habits, or even to talk to other people in the forum to get advice and support (and to give it, too!).  Consider giving yourself a bit of a kickstart with a diet pill like PHENBLUE with patented fat fighters, too. Tools like these will help to support you along the way and overcome some of the biggest challenges to being able to renew your weight loss efforts after they’ve been dwindling for a while.

Schedule Your Time

Mark important activities on your calendar and decide that they are a priority and cannot be pushed aside for something else. Exercise, meal prep, grocery shopping, and other activities critical to your ability to renew your weight loss efforts should be added to your schedule and respected.  Keep doing it until it becomes a solid habit.  As you discover days and times that work better for various activities, adapt as needed.  Soon, you’ll be doing them without even needing to think about it. They’ll be a habit.

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