What is the HIIT Workout?

HIIT Workout reviewIf you’ve been trying to find a way to boost the effectiveness of your exercises, then you may have heard of the HIIT workout. But what is it and why are so many people saying that it will give you better fitness and weight loss results?

An HIIT workout stands for high intensity interval training. It is a way of exercising that requires you to alternate between periods in which you go through an intense burst of exercise, interspersed with lower level activity, or even periods of rest. For instance, some types of runners will train by sprinting as hard and as fast as they can for a solid minute and then walking for the next two minutes before repeating the cycle.

This may sound quite simple, but HIIT workout strategies have been found to be extremely effective for several different benefits. For instance, high intensity interval training is believed to provide a more efficient type of workout than building up to a peak which is held for a while before declining again. Since the majority of people have very busy lives and don’t have a lot of extra time in which to exercise, every minute of a workout counts. Some research has indicated that HIIT exercising three times per week for fifteen minutes is more effective than jogging for an hour on a treadmill the same number of times per week.

This type of workout is also known for improved fat burning. Therefore, many dieters choose to use this style not only during their weight loss but also during their maintenance, in order to make sure the fat doesn’t come back on again once it has been lost. Furthermore, when weight is lost, it is gone in the form of fat, without burning through muscle, due to the nature of the way these workouts actually use muscles as they blast through calories and fat.

One study back in 2006 also found that this type of exercise strategy is great for heart health. This is not only great for overall health and avoiding heart conditions, but it’s also quite good for building endurance in a workout.

Fortunately, HIIT can be done by virtually anyone at any fitness level or with nearly any equipment. If you have a pair of shoes, you can head out for a run/walk, or even just a brisk walk/slower stroll, depending on your current level. Then, as you build your fitness level, you can alter your exercises to match.

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