Top Holiday Weight Gain Prevention Tips You Must Use This Year

Holiday Weight Gain Prevention TipsHoliday weight gain prevention is a serious concern for many of us at this time of year. After all, with all the family gatherings, parties with friends and celebrations at work, it’s hard to avoid overindulging. Food is everywhere at these events. Moreover, it’s hardly made up of salads and carrot sticks. Everything is rich, creamy, buttery, or sugary.

If you’re worried about keeping up with holiday weight gain prevention efforts then there are certain tips you absolutely must keep in mind. These tips are easy, common-sense strategies to keep your eating under control. They don’t ask you to take on any extremes or to give up on your celebrations. Instead, they work with your natural instincts so you can more easily sidestep your worst temptations.

Start Using These Top Holiday Weight Gain Prevention Tips NOW!

The best time to start using these holiday weight gain prevention tips is right now. The season is already underway, so the sooner you get started with your efforts, the better.

Tip #1: Stay Busy

Whether or not you’re at work or at a party, keep yourself busy. This may sound like a strange holiday weight gain prevention tip, but it will help to stop you from getting bored. Being bored may seem relaxing, but it can actually lead to anxiety or emotional eating. Even if all you do is start knitting or doing another craft while you watch TV, you need to keep yourself occupied. The less busy you are, the greater your odds for poor eating habits.

Great tasks for staying busy at this time of year include signing up for prepaid fitness classes (when you pay in advance you’re more likely to go so you won’t waste your money), cleaning out your closets to donate what you don’t need anymore (and start the new year fresh), meeting friends for coffee or tea, or even volunteering at a worthy charity.

Tip #2: Eat at the Table and Leave When You’re Finished Eating

Creating a specific environment for eating is very helpful for holiday weight gain prevention. When you tell yourself that you’ll only eat when sitting at the table, you stop yourself from grazing – an activity that can very rapidly max out your daily calories. Moreover, by leaving the table when you’re done, you’ll reduce the inclination to take more food and munch away when you’ve already had enough.

Tip #3: Savour Holiday Foods

Yes, even when you’re working for holiday weight prevention, you can still enjoy the foods you love. Take reasonable portions and take your time slowly eating and savoring every bite. By eating more slowly, you give your stomach to register when you’re full. By taking your time, you also give yourself the chance to enjoy it so you will feel more satisfied by it.

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