Is Your Holiday Weight Loss Strategy Ruining Your December?

Ruining Holiday Weight LossDo you have a holiday weight loss goal this year? Are you determined not to let this December do the same thing to you that previous Decembers have done? Are you focused on ending this year better than you started it, getting closer to your target body weight, instead of further away from it? If so, you may be setting yourself up to feel unhappy, deprived and miserable.

Why Holiday Weight Loss is a Trap

Before truly getting started, it should be noted that yes, some people can achieve holiday weight loss in a perfectly comfortable and happy way.  This can even be the case for people who absolutely love attending various celebrations and eating all the traditional festive foods.  That said, those people are well into the minority.  For the majority of us, attempting to force the scale to read an ever-lower number at this time of year is tantamount to torture.

Therefore, before you set your holiday weight loss strategy, take a very serious and realistic look at your priorities in terms of what parts of the holidays are important to you, how much you can stand up to people who are always insisting that you eat just a bit more of this or try one of that, and keep up your regular exercise too, for that matter.

Adjusting Your Goal

This does not mean that you need to give up altogether.  Remember that it’s just a month, but a month can do a lot of damage to your progress if you decide to overeat, skip all your workouts, and give up on efforts to achieve better sleep and control your stress levels. Suggesting that holiday weight loss might not be your ideal goal isn’t a suggestion that you lose all self control.

Instead, many health experts, including those at the Mayo Clinic, advise easing a goal, so that your target is to avoid gaining instead.

By adjusting your focus away from holiday weight loss and aiming to preserve your progress so far while avoiding gaining, you will feel far less deprived, more able to celebrate with your family and friends, and will reduce your risk of negative feelings toward yourself, such as guilt for every indulgence.

Tips to Switch Away from a Holiday Weight Loss Mindset in December

Changing your mindset away from holiday weight loss just for the month can be challenging, particularly if you’ve been pursuing this goal for a while.  Here are some tips to help adopt a weight maintenance mindset instead, before you take on a fresh goal in January.

  • Savor your favorite foods – One of the best ways to prevent holiday weight gain is to allow yourself the traditional dishes and sweets, but in reasonable portions. Even if you just have one cookie, take bites of it and savor it. Observe it as you eat it. What does it smell like, taste like feel like in your mouth? This will prove more satisfying than popping the entire thing in your mouth and will register in your brain as being just as satisfying as eating a handful.
  • Focus on portions, not elimination – Instead of trying to skip everything except the salad at dinnertime, focus on having just a bit of everything you’d like to try. Don’t sacrifice that amazing casserole you eat only once a year, but don’t fill your plate with it either. Be mindful about your choices.
  • Don’t overcomplicate – Keep things simple. Try not to lean on a massive list of what you can or cannot have or do.  Instead, get back to the basics.  You know that a diet high in fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats is best.  When you’re not attending a function, focus on eating healthy meals without overcomplicating things. If you’re afraid that leftovers from heavy meals will spoil, freeze portions instead of trying to eat it all in too little time.
  • Prioritize sleep – The better rested you are, the more likely you will be to exercise, to perform well while you do, and to make smart food choices. Make a priority of a healthy bedtime routine.
  • Keep using your diet pill – You may think of PHENBLUE as a diet pill that would support holiday weight loss, but it’s also a product that can support you as your prevent gaining. Let the benefits from its clinically researched ingredients boost your energy, help your body to fight fat, and enhance your focus at a time of year when you need it the most.
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