How Healthy is Coffee from Starbucks?

How Healthy is Coffee from StarbucksWe all love Starbucks, don’t we? That hot cup of coffee during the winter and that iced frappuccino during the summer simply keeps us going. Lately, many controversies have come to the foreground regarding the health impact of Starbucks’ coffee. Here, we share with you how healthy is coffee from Starbucks and should you drink it often or stay away from it. Coffee is naturally healthy. Sugar is a factor that turns the advantages of coffee into disadvantages. Did you know there is almost 12 to 20 grams of sugar in in each cup of a 16 ounce coffee? This is way too much.

The pasteurized dairy used in this coffee is also fattening and can stimulate sugar levels in the body, leading to both diabetes and weight gain. Each cup of coffee at Starbucks roughly has around 2,000 calories, which is equal to a full-course meal. This certainly does not mean all coffees from Starbucks are unhealthy. If you remove the dollops of cream and reduce the sugar content, you can enjoy some amazing varieties at Starbucks.

Some of the healthy options at Starbucks are:

  • Brewed coffee
  • Americano
  • Brewed Tea

Brewed coffee is delicious and healthy if you remove the heavy whipping. Americano is black and brewed tea without sugar can be good options for weight conscious people. Drinking coffee itself aids in weight loss and prevents diabetes. Coffee can also help manage the symptoms of dementia and lower the risk of cardiovascular health issues.

Drinking a cup of coffee from Starbucks once or twice is fine but do not make it a regular habit. Coffee addiction may be bad for your health as your mind and body start depending on it. Plus, the high cream and sugar proportions in the coffee are detrimental for health. We cannot deem Starbucks unhealthy but we cannot declare it healthy either. How healthy is coffee from Starbucks depends on your choices. If you keep your coffee simple, there is no harm in consuming it every day, but if you will choose fattening add-ons, then it might become bad for your health.

Coffee is more difficult to study than other beverages. Its effects are dependent on extensively external factors. People who smoke or consume alcohol may never be able to reap the health benefits of coffee. But the people who don’t encounter much stress, eat healthy, and exercise may enjoy its healthy properties. So, we hope you got an answer to the question ‘how healthy is coffee from Starbucks?’ You can continue guzzling down that aromatic and delicious coffee from Starbucks. Just make sure you keep the spoonfuls of cream away!

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