how phenblue works


PHENBLUE is a non-prescription diet pill that was meticulously developed to ensure you receive maximum weight management support. Its formulation was carefully selected to provide overweight dieters the support they require when prescription medications like Phentermine are not the right options for them.

How PHENBLUE Works to Support Your Weight Management Strategy

PHENBLUE works to support a healthy weight management strategy by providing benefits that make it easier to overcome the top challenges to reaching those goals.  The benefits provided by this formula are specific to any diet that involves long-term changes such as healthy eating with an appropriate calorie intake, as well as improved physical activity levels based on individual fitness.

The highest quality ingredients – each of which have undergone clinical research – help dieters to feel confident in the choices they make for themselves.  This over-the-counter capsule doesn’t make false promises of magical weight loss. That’s just not how PHENBLUE works. Instead, it offers the support needed so that sticking to a healthy plan and keeping up appropriate weight management habits isn’t as difficult or as daunting. In this way, it helps to place your goals within reach because you’ll keep up the habits that will get you there.

How to Take This Diet Pill for Best Benefits

To ensure PHENBLUE works at its best for you, it’s important to take it properly. This means carefully following the package directions or, if you have discussed it with your doctor (and that’s always a good idea with any supplement, even though they don’t require a prescription), following their recommendations.

The directions on the label state that two capsules should be taken approximately a half hour before breakfast, with a full glass (8 ounces) of water, and then again a half hour before lunch with another 8 ounces of water. It should not be considered to be a solution for a healthier weight all on its own, but is instead designed to be used in conjunction with a complete plan. This should include a calorie reduced diet and a regular exercise program, as directed by a doctor.

Be sure to read your label carefully, to ensure you understand it thoroughly and to be sure you’re aware of any updates that might have been added since this post was written.

How PHENBLUE Works in Your Body

PHENBLUE works in a number of different ways to make sure that dieters like you will be able to follow your strategy closely and stick to it.  It reduces – or even eliminates – the struggles linked with many of the main challenges to keeping up healthy lifestyle changes. Furthermore, its fat interacting ingredient NeOpuntia® helps to provide confidence that you’re getting the very most out of the changes you’re making to what you eat.*

The entire formula contains the following active ingredients:

It also includes potent energy enhancers, which can help you rev up your activity levels so you burn more fat and calories.* Dieting can certainly cause fatigue, so PHENBLUE helps you combat this problem fast. Furthermore, you’ll be less likely to reach for a sugary energy source that is full of calories every day, leading to an even bigger caloric deficit over time. A calorie deficit is required to get the body to burn its own fat stores.

When these benefits are combined, PHENBLUE works to provide an overall dieting experience that is less daunting, more confident, and primed to support you on your way to success.*