Improve Your Memory by Doing Yoga, Especially If You’re Older

Improve Your Memory with yogaAs you grow older, the memory tends to weaken along with the rest of the body. Memory problems are more common in the elderly, but many youngsters face the problem in their teenage years as well. Some people also possess the memory of a goldfish and cannot even remember the things they should easily recall, such as birthdays, business events, and parties.

There are a lot of simple solutions to sharpen and improve your memory. Among the many cures and solutions, the one that works the best and results in significant improvement is yoga. Yoga relieves you of the tension and stress that feed off of your mind and your body. It relaxes you and helps to improve your health. It is known as one of the best techniques to sharpen memory, especially for older people.

There are many yoga poses through which a person can strengthen his or her memory and lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are instructions to practice successfully the top five yoga poses that are used to improve your memory:

Sukhasana: Sit on a mat and cross both legs, making sure that your right foot is placed on the surface of your left thigh and your left foot is placed on your inner part of your right thigh. The sole of your foot should face upward. Place your hands on your knees with your spine vertically straight like a Buddha. Inhale, exhale, and meditate.

Vajrasana: Kneel on the floor with your spine erect and straight. Ensure that your ankles, knees, and toes are in contact with the ground and in line with each other. Take deep breaths.

Padahastasana: Start by standing straight. Take a deep breath, release, and bend from the hips below till you are able to touch your toes. Hold the position and relax.

Pachimottanasana: Sit with your legs stretched in front of you and your hands placed to your sides. Lean toward your toes, bending from the hips. Extend your hands and hold your toes. Keep breathing heavily and relax.

Tree Stand: Extend your hands toward the roof while standing vertically straight. Lift your left leg and fold it from the knee as you rest it on the inner side of the opposite thigh. Make a Namaste sign by placing your hands together, holding them in front of your chest. Close your eyes and relax. Repeat the pose with the opposite leg.

Any of these yoga techniques could help improve your memory if you give it a try.

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