The Top Ways to Avoid Joint Injuries While Working Out

Joint Injuries during workoutsJoint injuries are quite common when working out in the gym, but sometimes these injuries can be extremely painful. The interesting part is that most of the injuries are avoidable. You should take precautionary measures while working out to make sure you do not sprain, strain or over train any joints. Here are some of the top ways to avoid joint injuries and stay fit while performing strength training exercises:

Understand Your Body

Try to understand the weak and strong areas of your body. Do not exert pressure on your weak areas as it can stimulate or aggravate pain. For example, if you suffer chronic knee pain, then avoid using the treadmill or performing leg presses. If you have weak wrists, then weight lifting is not a good option for you. You need to slowly build your weak areas with diet and exercise first and then go for strengthening exercises.

Do Not Change the Intensity of Your Workout Abruptly

Do not alter the intensity of your exercise all of a sudden. The body becomes used to a certain pace. By increasing or lowering the intensity, the body enters a state of confusion and refuses to cope with it, resulting in joint injuries. Warm up properly before starting an exercise and cool down after you finish doing it. The ideal solution is to increase the intensity 10% each week.

Do Not Overdo Exercises

Do not overstress or over train your muscles. Try to maintain a regular workout regimen, instead of a rigorous one. Overdoing an exercise can cause harm. Muscle soreness is the result of repetitively using the same muscles. Tired muscles often lead to injuries and you should let them relax if you want to keep joint injuries at bay.

Mix Up Your Workout Regimen

Instead of concentrating on one type of exercise, try to maintain a fitness regimen that focuses on all your target areas. Exercises such as biking, swimming and jogging in combination with strength training exercises at least twice a week can accelerate weight loss and help you keep injuries at bay.

Use the Right Equipment and Gear

Using the proper gear for an exercise is crucial. Using the right equipment and technique can help you achieve your muscle building goals quickly without suffering any injuries. Consider buying or replacing your shoes at least twice a year if you work out regularly.

So, these are some of the top ways you can avoid joint injuries while working out.

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