Can a Juice Fast Provide Permanent Weight Loss?

Juice Fast for permanent weight lossMost of us have heard about the new juice fast craze that is sweeping the nation. It is an effective way to improve your digestive functions, increase your cardiovascular health, and lose significant amounts of weight—but only if it is done correctly. Still, some people are wondering whether they should bother with it at all, asking whether a juice fast can provide permanent weight loss or if it is simply something that should be used to get the journey started. Let’s take a look.

Practicing Preventative Maintenance

Participating in a juice fast will work for weight loss if you do it right, but there is a good chance that you will gain all of your weight back if you are not careful. Although there are a lot of healthy fitness benefits to fasting with juice, you might end up starving your body so much that it soaks up and stores all of the fat in the next thing you eat. It is possible to benefit in the long run from a good juice fast, but you will have to set up some good habits now.

Creating Good Eating Habits During the Fast

It is important that you try your best to create some healthy dietary habits while you are participating in your juice fast. In order for your body to benefit the most from your decisions, you are going to have to give it some high-quality fuel. On top of that, you will need to continue your wise choices even after your fast is over, especially if you want to enjoy prolonged weight loss. In short, your juice fast will turn out to be fruitless if you simply hop right back onto the “bad eating” bandwagon as soon as you’re done.

Monitoring Your Blood-Glucose Levels

A juice fast can be a good alternative to straight dieting, but if you are not careful, it can do a number on your blood sugar levels. This change, if not monitored carefully, can eventually wreak havoc on your ability to attain or maintain optimal weight. Many people experience no such side-effect from participating in a short-term fast. However, it is important to note that it is possible, especially if you have pre-existing glucose issues.

Speak with your doctor to make sure a juice fast is right for you. It may help you to break the unhealthy patterns in your life and set you back on the right path. If you are smart and careful, then a juice fast can provide permanent weight loss.

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